Lancer breaks down their approach to radiant skin. Hint: it's a lot to do with exfoliation

Lancer breaks down their approach to radiant skin. Hint: it's a lot to do with exfoliation

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Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

When it comes down to the topic of skincare, we have to admit it's Hollywood's top dermatologists who know what's best (sorry, mum!). The jury's out on celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Lancer and his take on the road to glowing skin. His linchpin: exfoliation.

Exfoliation, a key step prior to cleansing, is the mac daddy of healthy, clear and gleaming skin. But how often should we do it? Daily exfoliation hasn't been a one-size-fits-all regiment, but Dr Lancer is looking to change that with pure minerals and plant enzymes through what he calls “The Lancer Method”. His three-step approach to basic (read: essential, unfussy) skincare boasts all the bells and whistles designed to improve the skin's texture and tone so that it appears younger and more luminous.

Here's the 411.

Think of this as a preparatory step for the optimum absorption of healthy vitamins you’re about to feed your skin. Dr Lancer’s Polish exfoliant removes dead skin cells and other surface debris while infusing the skin with oxygen. Smooth sailing ahead.

Lancer Skincare

The plan of attack here is pretty straightforward. Cleanse’s formula is said to balance the skin's pH levels so that it can allow other products to receive treatment and perform at their optimum level.

Lancer Skincare

After the exfoliation and cleansing protocol, it’s time to replenish. This serum is loaded with nutrients that boost your skin's oxygen and hydration levels.

Lancer Skincare

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