Exclusive: Aman launches its first ever bespoke skincare line

Exclusive: Aman launches its first ever bespoke skincare line

Peace on earth

Text: Renée Batchelor

The luxury resort line has launched a bespoke skincare range, and it is everything you expected and more

If you're lucky enough to call yourself an #Amanjunkie, it means you've probably visited more than one of the brand's quietly luxurious resorts. Like pilgrims paying homage at its various, intimate sanctuaries, many of the resorts' clientale are repeat visitors. If you keep coming back for more, it also means you're in good company, counting only the most discerning travellers and jet-setters as kinfolk — think actor Angelina Jolie and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the brand as well as Amanpuri, the flagship resort in Phuket has come to signify the ultimate, travel experience — offering a slice of peace and tranquility, as well as incomparable service. Its exclusive resorts span jungles, deserts, islands and cities. So it makes perfect sense that the brand has launched a new Aman Skincare collection, which is slated to drop in October, that takes you on a similar journey of healing and rejuvenation — albeit from the comfort of home.

We were lucky enough to get a preview of the products, and they were as impressive as one would expect. Because we are only human, the first thing that struck us about the range was the beautiful packaging. Created by renowned Japanese architect and academic Kengo Kuma, the skincare and bodycare products are a thing of pure elegance. Reimagined from Japanese pottery, these have a sleekness and simplicity that is at once minimalist and earthy, perfectly embodying the essence of the Aman Spa and its resorts. Weighty with a dark, wood-like grain, the sensuous curve of the flaçons and jars recall luxury in the most organic, unostentatious way.

Aman Skincare

All the products are formulated in the UK, but the ingredients and rituals reflect a global influence. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient wellness and the earth's precious resources, you'll find pearls, homeopathic metals, healing tree oils, amethyst, jade and frankincense among its key ingredients. The formulas are also enriched with oxygen-rich spring water, wild-harvested Amazon butters and rainforest muds to help pamper and treat your skin. Bottling all the exotic allure of the earth is not just an exercise in vanity, you'll be seriously blown away by the silky textures and the refined, invigorating scents, that are part of the whole ritual of self-care and pampering. This elevates spa products to the next level.

Aman Skincare is divided into three ranges that follow the natural settings of some of its key resort locations. For the mountain and desert destinations, there is the Grounding range that celebrates the earth's essence. Great for those seeking stillness and reconnection, the recipes here treat dry skin and hair, jet lag and exhaustion: All symptoms of our bustling, modern lives. Interesting skincare products included the Desert Dew Mist a homeopathic-silver infused toner and the Maca Cleansing Powder that contains maca, amethyst and amber to overhaul tired and pollution-weary complexions. There are also lots of interesting bodycare including the Smoked Body Butter and Amethyst Soak & Scrub.

The Nourishing range meanwhile, is inspired by the jungles and lush greenery that surround many Aman resorts, with products designed to heal and regenerate, so users can fulfil their highest potential. We personally tried the Nurture Intense Face Oil and were impressed by the luxurious texture that sank into skin without leaving a greasy residue, and the intoxicating fragrance — a result of the blend of jasmine, rose hip and sea buckthorne. The Golden Body Serum, meanwhile has become a must-have in our post-bath routine. We adore the lightweight texture that gives instant hydration, and the fact that proven anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and boswellia is blended with anti-inflammatory gold in this luxe product. 

Aman Purifying Marine Face Wash

Finally the Purifying range is named for the oceans and seas that surround certain Aman Resorts. If you seek breathing space and lightness in body and spirit, try out these marine-inspired treats like the Active Marine Mask — packed with seaweed and pearl powders — and the Palo Santo Salve. The latter is a restorative balm that blends palo santo wood with shea and cupuaçu butters for the ultimate, long-lasting hydration boost for the body. The bath range also includes an exquisite Purfying Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Auric Cleanser Bath Salts that re-energise the body. If you are keen to experience these products in a spa ritual, each of the Aman Resorts offers peaceful treatments that incorporate the new range. Aman for that.

Aman Skincare is exclusively sold online and across the collection of its resort boutiques