Etude does eyeshadow with local label By Invite Only, Barbie teams up with GlamGlow, and other beauty news

Etude does eyeshadow with local label By Invite Only, Barbie teams up with GlamGlow, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. Etude partners up with local jewellery label, By Invite Only, to launch three seasonal eyeshadow palettes.

Each palette — that's Tulip Day, Maple Road, and Chilly Moon — is inspired by the colours of spring, autumn, and winter respectively. They can be purchased individually ($34.90) or within a set ($69.90), which comes with exclusively-made matching accessories utilising freshwater pearls and dazzling crystals. Scoop 'em up when it launches 8 June exclusively on Shopee. We suspect that's not all the shopping you're going to be doing on the platform this week, though...


2. The Great Shopee sale will be returning 6 June.

This time with a greater focus on local businesses. Running to 7 July, each day brings about a Million Dollar Discount (that's the lowest price guaranteed for a curated collection of products); vouchers from popular beauty brands; exclusive deals, and the like. Local sellers will be prominently featured via a "#SGUnited Shopee Support Local" campaign microsite. Guess it's time to brace those bank accounts again, folks.


3. Barbie teams up with GlamGlow to drop a limited edition mask and moisturiser.

Yup, it seems GlamGlow cult favourites are getting a face lift this month. More specifically, the Charcoal Clearing Treatment Mask and Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser. Both are encased in a Barbie pink packaging accompanied by silhouettes of the Mattel icon.


4. The full Drunk Elephant hair- and bodycare range is now available in Singapore.

Our credit cards are sure going to get in on some serious action this month. The full range comprising the Cocomino Glossing Shampoo; Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner; Wild Marula Tangle Spray and more is now available on Sephora's site. Talk about head-to-toe pampering, right?


5. Lashify's founder is starting a beauty incubator programme for black-owned beauty businesses.

Founder, Sahara Lotti, is using her platform and income by investing time, money, and resources into any up and coming or newly started black-owned businesses. "I'm giving someone in the black community up to USD$100,000, and we're going to build a brand together," she states. "I want nothing in return. I'm investing in the brand's future and what you learn from me, you pass it on. That's all I ask." Selected business owners will work directly alongside Lotti, Jia Li (Lashify's general manager) as well as Justin Joyner (Lashfiy's marketing leader).


6. Cardi B just got a neon green stiletto manicure that took all night to complete.

With hair salons and nail parlours gradually opening their doors, it's no surprise that manicure queen —and bona fide rapper — Cardi B is back to rocking some stellar talons. The latest is the work of rising nail artist, Marie Nailz, who expressed her appreciation in an IG post. "Just did @iamcardib nails all night," she writes. "I'm crying because I was just homeless a few years ago."


7. IDS has re-opened their clinics.

New precautionary measures in place have been put in place, such as shortened opening hours as well as a limited services menu. So far, only patients suffering from chronic skin conditions like severe acne, severe pigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema will be allowed to make appointments.


8. Maison 21G introduces solid perfumes to its line-up

These bad boys are all-natural, alcohol-free, clean, cruelty-free, and are infused with the customer's own solo scent of choice. Did we mention that they are also housed in a travel-ready compact case that can fit into the tiniest of clutches? How thoughtful.