Dyson redesigns the humble hairdryer

Dyson redesigns the humble hairdryer

Blown away

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Dyson

Dyson expands its range of product offerings to include a nifty new reimagining of the hairdryer

Dyson bladeless fans have their share of detractors and well... fans. While many applaud the sleek design — that is safer and easier to clean — others complain that it's noisy and not as powerful. But whichever side of the fence you sit on, you have to agree that the company has revoutionised fan design, something that had more or less remained stagnant for decades.

Dyson Supersonic

Now, Dyson aims to similarly revolutionise hairdryers. The brand employs a new air-multiplier technology that uses a high-pressure and high-velocity jet of air to triple airflow. Hair is ultimately protected from over heating, and therefore looks shinier. The sleek dryer also has a lighter, smaller, yet faster motor for more efficient drying, enabling the brand to radically change the look and feel of hairdryer design — something that hasn't been done since the 1960s. It comes with three precise speed and four heat settings, while like Dyson's fans, it is easy to clean and empty out the filter. The new Dyson Supersonic doesn't come cheap though, at £299 on the UK website where it is currently already available. The bottom line? Those who want their hands on this nifty, new technology — likely to reach Singapore in the next few months — will have to shell out some serious cash.