Dyson Corrale diary: My week with this new $699 hair straightener

Dyson Corrale diary: My week with this new $699 hair straightener


Text: Crystal Lee Guan Tan

Hats off to Dyson. The haircare department has never been the same since the launch of their revolutionary, rapid drying Supersonic hair dryer in 2016, and the Airwrap hair styler two years on. Staggering prices aside, the brand has continually surprised the global beauty industry with its ultra-luxe and covetable devices.

So, when we received a text from Dyson asking us to be one of the first in Singapore to review their latest innovation earlier in March, the reply was easy: "omw".

We found ourselves in a secret meeting in Dyson's Singaporean headquarters. As we were ushered into the passcode locked-room, an Airwrap-like device sat in the middle of the table. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't an Airwrap. The device rested in a narrow V-shape and had two copper-toned metal plates flanking the ends. "Hair straightener," someone gasped in the room.

It's called the Dyson Corrale hair straightener to be exact, as founder James Dyson had it when he unveiled his latest haircare innovation to the world via a livestream from Paris in March. Jen Atkin, you might know her as haircare label OUAI's founder, accompanied James Dyson at the launch for a styling demonstration.

Fresh off the global, livestream, here are all the deets you need to know before we dive into our review: One, Dyson has been developing this straightener for almost a decade now.

Dyson's latest Corrale Hair Straightener features a flexing heating plate.

Two, unlike conventional hair straighteners with hard heating plates, the metal heating plates developed by Dyson (fondly dubbed the 'flexing plates') move to cocoon and collect individual hair strands into a single lock for convenient styling. That simply means you'll never have to struggle with catching all that splaying flyaways escaping from the ends of your hair straightener again.

Founder James Dyson shows a close-up of the bendy and flexible heating metal plate from the new Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Three, intelligent heat control. Dyson is big on heat control. If you're acquainted with their Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap styler, you'll know that the brand believes that excessive heat will wither all tresses. With the Corrale, you'll have three temperature settings to choose from –– 165ºC, 185ºC, and 210ºC –– all three have been proven to be safe for universal hair types, and a far cry from the conventional straighteners that may run from 300ºC upwards.

Four, the flexing plates ensure that every individual strand of hair receives the same amount of tension and heat –– and are all styled at the same time.

Finally, though you can plug in a charging cord to the back of the straightener, James Dyson pointed out that the Corrale can be used cordless (with approximately 45 minutes' worth of battery life, says Jen Atkin) –– meaning you can use it on-the-go: in the bathroom, office, while you're travelling, or in the car. "So long as you're not driving," Dyson quipped amusedly.

Now, the review. I spent a week with the Corrale before it hit (online) stores this week, and the greatest thing about this hair straightener? It's downright idiot-proof.

Day 1

It's been years since I owned a hair straightener or curling tong. Well, let's just say I've scalded my fingers, the tip of my ears, and melted hair some years ago. Instead, I invested in a complete Dyson Airwrap set when it launched –– it dries, straightens, curls, and volumnises. So, when the courier dropped off the Dyson Corrale at my doorstep, I was a little sceptical. Yet,  everything changed when I started unboxing it.

First things first, it's actually cordless –– I mean, you can literally walk from your bathroom to bedroom and everything in between with the Corrale in your hands. And that's wonderful 'cause you no longer have to sit next to a free socket, on the floor, with a portable mirror positioned in front of you. Anyone does this too? It's pure agony.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is priced at $699.

Once you switch it on, you're prompted to select your preferred temperature and watch the device heat up. When it's ready, a tick appears on the display and a pretty loud "bing!" goes off. Next, you see the temperature, 165ºC in my case, along with a full bar of battery so you can track how much battery time you've got left.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is now retailing at $699.

Now,  on to the straightening. Look how neat that is –– no flyaways, no splaying, but just a tidy bunch of straight hair. And this was my first attempt at the Corrale. Here's a tip: you don't actually have to clamp those metal plates with all your might, nor do you need to exert a death grip to straighten them hair because those flexi plates really do rein in and clamp those individual hair strands tight. There's no escaping.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, will be priced at $699.

Had to prove a point about the Corrale being cordless. Pure joy.

Day 2

I would happily trash any $20 hair crimper or straightener from Lazada or Shopee with lots of styling products but not this $699 device. So, I consulted the Dyson team via a virtual meeting and design engineer, Dominic Lim, was surprised to hear my question.

"No, no!  Of course you can," he replied. The heating plates were engineered to withstand the most common of hair products. In fact, the entire straightener has been tested to survive multiple falls lest it slips out of your hands. The next thing I knew, I found myself watching a video of machines hurling the Corrale around (very similar to those Ikea wear-and-tear warranty videos that you see in their stores). Yup, the Corrale's a tough machine.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is. priced at $699.

Here, some loose curls that faithfully stayed with me throughout the work day and into bedtime. I opted for the cult-loved South Korean haircare brand, Mise-en-Scène's perfect styling serum.

Day 3

Unlike the Airwrap which takes you a week or two and multiple tutorials to nail the technique (wind direction, speed, dampness of your hair etc.), the Corrale's easy to grasp and break into. If the Airwrap were an advanced hairstyling device, the Corrale's a beginner-level tool.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is priced at $699.

Day 4

I brought the Corrale along with me to the office. Y'all, it was a crazy morning –– I was running late, I didn't have time to dry nor tidy up my hair, and there was a Zoom meeting. So, I threw the Corrale into my bag and jetted to the office. Don't judge, it happens.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is priced at $699.

Here's a great view of the heat resistant dust bag: you can literally pop the (pippin hot) Corrale into this bag once you're done with it so you don't scald yourself nor the surfaces. I used to leave my hair straighteners to cool on the floor and it was a terrible hazard for my furry friends at home.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is priced at $699.

Day 5, 6, and 7

You have two charging options: one, charge it iPhone-style by plugging the adapter right into the power jack at the bottom of the Corrale; two, use the charging dock which James Dyson designed himself on a whim. The dock is great if you enjoy having your entire beauty arsenal on display on your vanity. You can actually leave it there the entire day till your next use (the device was intelligently designed to not overcharge), which is super convenient.

I had the Corrale on display for a couple of days but eventually gravitated towards the conventional charging method –– wrap it in the heat resistant dust bag that it comes with, plug it into the adapter, and safely tuck them both in the drawer afterwards.

Tight curls, loose waves, and a ponytail.

Dyson's latest hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale, is priced at $699.

The Dyson Corrale is now available at $699.