Discover these four makeup trends at Make Up For Ever counters

Discover these four makeup trends at Make Up For Ever counters

Holiday glam 101

Text: Rina Sariff

With the approaching holiday season, Make Up For Ever launches new four new makeup trends you can perfect

If you're clueless on how to doll yourself up for the party season, pay a visit to a Make Up For Ever's Go Pro Makeup counters for an experience you can't get from simply watching beauty tutorials online. Professional makeup artists can provide everyone from serious beauty enthusiasts to the perpetually clueless with hands-on lessons on how to pull off the latest trends: bold lips, full brows, cut crease eyes and draping. Find out more about each trend below and head on down for a lesson.

Bold Lips
Bold lips are making an appearance everywhere — from runways to sidewalks. While many would opt for a bold, and fiery red, try experimenting with out-there shades of midnight blue and black this season — the brand's new Artist Rouge come in a veritable rainbow's worth of shades. While it may be hard to pull these bold colours off, the key is to have confidence and of course, learning how to apply these tones in a clean and precise fashion.

Bold Brows
As we all know, brows have the power to help frame and define your entire face, so it's what of the most important steps in completing your makeup. It may seem easy to execute the natural bold brows but it takes precision and patience to master the effortless look. If you are facing trouble with the execution, now is the time to seek help. Learn what products you need and how to effectively apply them.

Cut Crease
Forget beauty tutorials online, for you can now familiarise yourself with one of the most complicated eyeshadow techniques — the cut crease. Created to lift your eyes and make them eyes appear bigger and more defined, this is a tutorial you wouldn't want to miss out on if you want big, expressive Kylie Jenner eyes. 

Sick of getting brown stains onto your white shirts? Try draping — the re-invented contouring method from the '70s. Instead of using stick foundations, learn how you can use blushes with pink tints to achieve a chiseled look and natural finish for your cheekbones.

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Available exclusively at Sephora Ion Orchard at the Go Pro Makeup counter from 17 November