Diptyque's newest scent collection is inspired by bon bons and blooms

Diptyque's newest scent collection is inspired by bon bons and blooms

What a delight

Text: Renée Batchelor

Marrying the scent of roses and Turkish delights, Diptyque's newest scent is a delicious, olfactory experience with an Oriental twist

If you're searching for the perfect Valentine's gift for any woman (or man), you can't go wrong with flowers and candy. And if your sweetheart hates both... well we're afraid can't help you there. For its newest limited edition collection, Rose Delight, Diptyque drew on both the traditional Turkish delight sweet as well as the rose, for a candied creation that is thankfully not oversweet. In addition, the brand called on French illustrator Leslie David, to lend a modern, pop-hued twist to traditional Toiles de Jouy designs to create the unique, outer packaging. First up, the Candle is a sweet treat for both the eyes and the nose. Draped in a decorative dress of pink motifs, this candle combines rose petals with drips of honey and the zest of lemon, adding a crisp top layer to its soft and dreamy heart.

Diptyque Eau Rose Hair Mist, Perfumed Soap and Solid Perfume

Also new is the Eau Rose Hair Fragrance. Part of the brand's permanent collection, this too is wrapped in a similar floral design as the Rose Delight candle, but this time in a stunning shade of complementary, powder blue. Inspired by the hair rituals of French women in the 18th century, you thankfully won't have to powder your entire mane with talcum to achieve a similar effect. Instead one generous spray will leave hair soft and shiny — thanks to camellia oil that not only nourishes the strands, but brings out the rose in the scent for a more voluptuous, lingering effect. This rich rose scent is achieved using both centifolia and Damask roses, that ensures a final product that is neither sickly sweet nor too green, ensuring that both your skin and hair bloom with this gorgeously, delicate scent.

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