Diptyque Collection 34: A poetic homage to its first atelier

Diptyque Collection 34: A poetic homage to its first atelier

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Text: Bianca Husodo

Behind the cult candlemaker's Collection 34, is a boutique of historical artisanship

There’s nothing better for luxuriating after a strenuous day than lighting a candle and filling your home with a comforting fragrance. With chic, photogenic packaging wrapping the olfactory delights within, Diptyque is, hands down, our favoured go-to. And giving us another reason for a scent spree is the French house’s special range, Collection 34.

In tandem with its golden milestone of 50 years, Diptyque pays tribute to the original 34 Boulevard Saint Germain boutique in Paris with their third eponymous collection. The storied estate was where the founders — Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant — displayed their surprising artisanal finds side by side with some of their upholstery fabrics. And this year, Collection 34 encapsulates this exact kaleidoscopic spirit of the atelier in a range of limited edition objects and scents celebrating the house's craftsmanship.

Below, discover two of our picks from Diptyque’s Collection 34 that will linger as splendidly on your favourite nook as they do in a whiff.

Essences Insensées 2016 fragrance
essence incensee 2016
Bottled within the geometric, onyx flacon that resemles a fine-cut precious gem is a soothing, rosy concoction. Diptyque’s decade-old perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin looks to a field of May Roses in Grasse for the new Essences Insensées. The airy cabbage roses from Provence is the Riviera’s rare treasure. Extracting their fresh-picked petals, Pellegrin instills the bloom into the limited edition fragrance with a tinge of honey and red fruit accents.

Pellegrin says of his creation, “I used several different yet complementary rose extracts to create this unique composition. I captured the scent of a live rose which I blended with a rose centifolia absolute to render the scent of fresh rose petals. In the end, the rose infusion boosted the intensity of the fragrance, generating a one of a kind, almost tangible floral bouquet.”

$216. At Escentials

La Madeleine scented candle
la madeleine diptyque
Fun fact: The idea of making a madeleine scent came about when product creation director, Myriam Badault, discovered that the Diptyque founders’ home in Normandy was previously the post office where Marcel Proust sent his mails. Deciding to highlight the poetic link between the legendary writer and Diptyque, Pellegrin creates a scented wax of a delicious madeleine, refreshingly lemony and fluffy inside — bringing to life the one Proust described in a chapter of his literary masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past.

“To make this fragrance, I captured the aromatic molecules given off by a madeleine, like an olfactory snapshot. I used this scientific analysis as the base and then focused on the most addictive and lemony notes. The sweet smell of pastry needed to be as compelling as a magnet. We tested it in our offices,” attests Pellegrin.

The candle’s porcelain holder is the handiwork of Portuguese artisans, who painstakingly made each jar unique. Combining the chalky, gritty texture of eartherware, with the smoothness of the edge's black enamel, the beautifully crafted holder is as indulgent as the candle it bears within.

$120. At Escentials