Diptyque’s best scents: The 34 collection, Baies, and Figuier will have you and your space smelling nice

Diptyque’s best scents: The 34 collection, Baies, and Figuier will have you and your space smelling nice

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Here are the top three Diptyque scents that’ll make everyone stop and sniff

"I don't like Diptyque," said no one ever. Besides being famed (and lusted after) for their gosh darn amazing candles, the French fragrance house is one of our go-tos for specialty perfume blends whenever we feel like a little pick-me-up of the aromatic variety. Just step into the Diptyque boutique, and you'll get a whiff of what we mean: What you're breathing in is 34, the brand's signature scent that came about from the collective diffusion of various fragrances that have seeped into the flagship store's interior furnishings each time staff and customers do a spray test.

Diptqyue 34 collection

Warmed by sunlight and matured by time, this is the origin story of one of Diptyque's best-selling blends — and it would seem fans can't get enough because there's now a full-fledged 34 collection consisting of a new eau de parfum, and several limited edition curio goodies with vintage feels rocking a bazaar theme inspired by the brand's early days. So if you're in the mood to get scent-sual, whether it's for yourself or your home, here are the top three scents and the products you ought to get from your next (or first) Diptyque run:

The new 34 boulevard Saint Germain plays off the toilette version, with the EDP bottling a more intense version that highlights exceptional woody accords such as velvety sandalwood and spicy pepperwood. While the initial spritz might come off a tad stronger than you might expect, it eventually settles into a gorgeous, oriental-based sillage hinted with vanilla and almond notes. Fans of the existing 34, you'll want to add this to your collection.

Must-haves: 34 boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum, 34 Scented matches

Diptqyue 34 EDP

If you love rose-scented anything and everything, Baies is going to be your bae. Blended as an homage to L'Ombre dans l'Eau, another Diptyque mainstay, it's a bouquet of roses enhanced with accords of blackcurrent leaves to round out the typical powdery nature of roses with a more gourmand finish. It's a versatile scent that diffuses beautifully, be it on skin or for your clothes or living spaces. 

Must-haves: Baies Scented Oval, Baies Candle


Easily the name off the top of our heads if you ask us for candle recommendations, Figuier (pronounced 'fig-ye'; you know, sort of like Kanye) is an absolute treat for the nose. Slightly fruity yet also green and fresh, it's like the magic of Christmas in wax form thanks to its blend of fig leaves, fig tree wood and bark, as well as the milky sap of the fruit. FYI, if you love the Philosykos eau de toilette, this here is a close relation.

Must-haves: Figuier Candle, Figuier Room Spray


The new 34 boulevard Saint Germain collection is available at the Diptyque boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, $8 - $500

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