Transform into a blooming beauty with Diorsnow

Be dazzled

Transform into a blooming beauty with Diorsnow
Glow from the inside out with the new Diorsnow series. True luminosity is now a reality

It's an open secret that many Asian women place a premium on being 'fair', and though this may not be on top of the wish list for all ladies, there are many whose fixation with brightening skincare surpasses even their Netflix addiction. Splurging on premium skincare products is a no-brainer but before you hare off to get your usual tub of brightening cream, consider switching up to the new Diorsnow range for the ultimate radiance.

Diorsnow Dior 2016

Backed by 20 years of research dedicated to the specific needs of Asian skin, Dior cuts above the swathe of creams and lotions on the market to present the new Diorsnow: Fresh, pure and natural, much like a newly blossomed bloom. The gem of the collection is the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect, a groundbreaking hybrid illuminating skincare that infuses edelweiss extract from the gardens of Dior in Switzerland to efficiently combat skin-darkening pigmentation. 

This magic potion tackles your issues of uneven skin tone, dark spots and dullness to impart a flushed, rosy radiance. Fast track your fairness when you utilise the full range, ensuring a complete synergistic brightening action that is at once perfecting and protective of your complexion.

Think this may just be your ideal skincare regimen? Dior's got one more card up its arsenal and it's the Diorsnow Brightening Makeup Base Colour Correction — the shield that goes on as the last step of your skincare to supplement the powerful whitening action kick-started by the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect. These tailor made colour-correcting bases contain skin-perfecting crystalline pigments to unify the complexion for that lit-from-within glow.

Diorsnow colour correction makeup bases

Go for pink if your problem is lacklustre skin as it instantly gives a soft, rosy glow. The beige counteracts and reduces redness, while the blue combats sallow tones for clarity. Further boosted with SPF 35/PA+++, the Diorsnow range seals the goodness in and keeps the external aggressions out. Your desired luminous transparency is within reach, and it'll certainly get all and sundry atwitter at your newfound glow.

Diorsnow is available at Dior counters from 15 February

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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