Dior's short Halloween film starring Bella Hadid is both beautiful and scary

All Hallows' Eve

Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Crystal Lee

Very broadly speaking, you can either be sexy or scary for Halloween — not both. Think about it: how sexy can you be when you're mutilated and covered in blood? But Dior has disrupted this notion with its latest film "The Beauty of a Dark Dream", which stars the gorgeous Bella Hadid in three impossibly beautiful, almost otherworldly looks that are at once captivating and eerily scary.

In case you're wondering, this is not the first time Dior has jumped onto the Halloween bandwagon. Last year, they released a series of makeup tutorial featuring Hadid. This year, the luxury fashion house is continuing the tradition with a new spooky tale. Split into three segments, Hadid rocks three captivating shades of black, white, and red that immerse us in a bewitching dream. dior film bella hadid

The first look titled, "The Stairs," shines a spotlight on the classic red lipstick, specifically the iconic Rouge Dior 999 - referred to as a "deep obsessive red." Bella wears this enigmatic look with thin black eyeliner, soft brown and dark red nails.dior film bella hadid

In the following scene, "The Mirrors," she channels the look of a deadly doe-eye with lacquered lips and sculpted cheekbones with the Dior Rouge Blush 999.

dior film bella hadid

The final scene, "The Dream," is a make-up artist's fantasy. Geometrical shapes, like cryptic symbols, are drawn around the eyes like a mask. This Aztec-esque ornamentation is created with a blend of diorshow on stage liner 001 matte white and 091 matte black.