Give your skincare regime a holistic upgrade with Yoga Facials by Dior

Give your skincare regime a holistic upgrade with Yoga Facials by Dior

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Text: Angelyn Kwek


Treat your skin to a sensorial, synergistic experience with Dior’s Yoga Facial

Religiously sticking to a workout routine is a daily uphill struggle (tell us about it) but even if you can't quite bend yourself into a downward facing dog, Dior's Yoga Facial is the one class you'll happily sign up for. Envisioned by Dior as a holistic approach to skincare, the brand is now looking at skin in a different light, where your complexion is treated as a living organism with its own unique needs. Called metagenomics, the brand utilises this revolution in skincare science to create its Yoga Facials — tissue massages designed to stimulate and preserve skin's beauty.

A next-gen routine that sounds right up your alley? You'll be even more psyched as the Yoga Facial incorporates the Dior Hydra Life collection to optimise the experience. Formulated with incredibly light yet luxe textures to go hand-in-hand with the massages, expect sorbet moisturising crèmes, jelly and balm-clay hybrid masks that go on like a dream, enriched with naturally-derived plant and fruit extracts that infuse the skin with deep hydration and nourishment. This curated combo not only boosts the overall efficacy of the products, but also launches you into skincare nirvana as the soothing and rejuvenating effects of the Yoga Facial adds a pleasurable kick to the ol' humdrum skincare routine. And it takes but three minutes to achieve a refreshed, vibrant and invigorated face — which is faster than waiting for your Uber to arrive, by the way. Now that's how you become one with your skin.

Discover the Dior Yoga Facial how-to here:

The Hydra Life skincare collection is available at Dior beauty boutiques