Dior's new campaign asks this intriguing question


Text: Renée Batchelor

What would you do for love? These celebrities answer that difficult query in this clever, new charity campaign for the luxury brand

What would Natalie Portman do for love? Move to Paris perhaps since her husband, former ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, was once based there. To find out the answers of various celebrities, from Dior ambassadors like Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Pattinson to style mavens like Carine Roitfeld, click on the video above. You'll find a range of responses from earnest declarations to wacky (but truthful) answers. Someone in the video would go out in the snow to buy cigarettes for their loved one, and we think that's pretty, darn impressive. But the video, and the burning question, "What would you do for love?" is not just about making artsy declarations of love —there's also a charitable element to it.

Your role? Film your response and post it on social media (Twitter and Instagram) along with the hashtag #DiorLoveChain. Do it alone. Do it in a group. Just do it anytime from now onwards and don't forget to nominate a loved one so that the love chain continues. Dior will donate US$1 per post to the WE Charity, a Canadian organisation that supports basic needs like health care, clean water and education in developing countries — especially with the aim to end child exploitation and child poverty. With the number of silly things going viral today from cat videos to Taylor Swift memes, why not contribute to something meaningful for a change?