A parfum collector’s dream: The Dior Prestige Editions

A parfum collector’s dream: The Dior Prestige Editions

Lavish re-editions

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Dream a dream of the Dior Prestige Editions, because these exquisite amphoras are the ultimate perfume collector’s conversation piece(s)

This is a shoutout to all beauty connoisseurs, for the House of Dior has launched a re-edition of its iconic parfum amphoras that give new meaning to 'oh-my-Holy Grail-this-is-limited edition'. Regarded as the symbol of the celebrated J'adore fragrance, the beautifully curved flacon actually goes further back than Dior's seven-decade long history, inspired by none other than the amphora from ancient Greco-Roman culture. And in a second coming that pays tribute to the brand's 70th anniversary, the house is re-issuing the legendary flacon straight from its archives in a four-piece collection christened as the Dior Prestige Editions.

Dior Prestige Editions

Standing alone as a fine piece of artistry, each crystalline container is handblown and handcrafted by Baccarat master crystal makers to create its sensual silhouette. Cut like a precious gemstone, the pièce de résistance is a golden treasure based on the original 1956 design, housing an exclusive interpretation of J'adore by François Demachy that imbues the juice with may roses and jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse. Dior's French heritage also comes into play as its blossoming bouquet stopper takes inspiration from Marie-Antoinette's floral chandeliers at Versailles, crafted in jewellery ateliers using traditional techniques.

Utterly feminine and sumptuous, the Prestige Editions also includes a trio of red, white and blue decanters, recreated to emulate the brand's first perfume flacons from circa 1949 to 1951. Moulded to reflect the voluptuous lines of Dior's couture dresses that revolutionised women's fashion post-World War II, the Tricolour amphoras are crowned by caps stamped with a gold star — the lucky charm of Monsieur Dior. Bottled within the re-edition trio are the J'adore, Miss Dior and Diorissimo scents respectively, which means you get to proudly display the gorgeous Prestige Editions in your beauty shrine (and re-gram it seven times), on top of perfuming yourself in absolute luxury.

Dior Prestige Editions

The Dior Prestige Editions 'J'adore Exceptional' and the Tricolour Amphora set are limited edition, €12,000 - €15,000

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