Trust Dior to come up with a new way to wear perfume

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Trust Dior to come up with a new way to wear perfume
Dior's perfumer extraordinaire François Demachy develops a new way of wearing a scent

Fragrances are more than the scent. It's also about the gesture, the application, the way it envelops your skin and how a particular scent affects your memories. Now Dior makes the possibility of customising your perfume that much easier with its new Touche de Parfum. Create your own olfactory mood  by using Touche de Parfum as a base. Dab lightly for a delicate trail or try a bolder touch if you want to make a strong impression. 

Besides the flowers used in the house's signature J'adore scent including Indian jasmin sambac, Turkish Damascus rose and Indian tuberose, there are other interesting facets in this scent that lend shades and nuances. Sri Lankan sandalwood, ambrette and musk add an heady twist to the mix. And because of the texture, this oil develops differently on each person's skin, creating a truly bespoke signature. To customise it further, blend it with a Dior J'adore scent of your choosing.

Charlize Theron

Designed in consultation with the perfumer François Demachy, the bottle itself is a technological marvel. With an exclusive capillary system, just twist the bead of the bottle to draw a drop into the applicator and capture it there. To dispense it, touch the applicator on your skin. Only then will the drop of silky perfume oil be released, ensuring no wastage. For the campaign, Dior worked with photographer Peter Lindbergh and statuesque beauty Charlize Theron. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the campaign here. P.S: Love that funky track.

Touche de Parfum is $160 for 20ml. At Dior counters from 1 October

Text: Renée Batchelor

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