Dior's La Crème now comes in a rich texture

Dior's La Crème now comes in a rich texture

Get riche or die trying

Text: Renée Batchelor

Dior Prestige's cult La Crème now comes in a rich texture that's perfect for hitting the slopes with

If you're getting the chills on your next winter holiday, think how your skin must be feeling. Avoid getting dry, cracked or even bumpy skin, by applying the right moisturiser to hydrate your skin without leaving that greasy feeling. Dior Prestige's La Crème comes in a new rich texture that is perfectly adaptable to dry skin and cold climates. Packed with the Rose de Granville, the star ingredient in this line, this crème protects the skin from the cold. 

The luxury crème comes with a new skin overcoat technology, that offers skin a kind of cosmetic insulation, protecting it both on the skin's surface and deep within. The  high dose of hollow silica spheres in the formula helps to inhibit heat exchange so it creates a cosmetic 'coat'. Like resting beneath an airy duvet, the skin retains the right temperature despite outside flunctuations. In addition, skin cells are shielded against thermal stress, thanks to an active anti-freeze ingredient that is  infused into this miracle crème. All that is packed in a hydrating, rich texture that absorbs easily into skin without that dreaded greasy after-feel.

$505. At Dior counters and stores now