Dior’s got a new skincare regime to beat premature ageing

Dior’s got a new skincare regime to beat premature ageing

Prevention is cure

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Get a headstart on busting wrinkles and lines before they even show up with the Dior Capture Youth series

If time travel were possible, your 45-year-old self would brave the space-time continuum to tell your 25-year-old self to get started on anti-ageing skincare already. And it can't be any garden variety routine but the Capture Youth regime from Dior, which is the first active age delay collection on the market that lets you mix and match serums according to your skin's needs. Rather telling of its focus on the 'have-it-now' millennial generation, what with Cara Delevingne fronting Capture Youth as its new face, no?

Dior Capture Youth Creme

Inspired by predictive medicine, this new anti-ageing series distinguishes itself from the masses by delaying the signs of ageing before they appear, effectively restructuring how your skin ages to maximise its youth and vitality. Taking only the most powerful natural ingredients that are gentle on skin, Dior Science has formulated a singular, indispensible ultra-prevention crème in an all-new lightweight yet plush texture to keep ageing at bay with its concentration of anti-oxidants and botanicals. Its pro-actives includes Iris Florentina extracts to stimulate the internal resistance of the epidermis to not only boost your skin's resilience to all the aggressive environmental and urban radicals, but to simultaneously nourish, re-texurise, and tone the complexion to aid you in staying younger looking for longer.

Dior Capture Youth Serums

The breakthrough doesn't just stop there. Capture Youth is topped off by five complementary serums to provide a wider support network for your skin, meant to expertly target key issues that lead to visible signs of ageing. You get the Glow Booster, Plump Filler, Matte Maximizer, Lift Sculptor, and Redness Soother — pretty self-explanatory as to what each does, although beyond its simplistic labels these serums pack a punch with superfruit and plant essences to fight off ageing signs. Even its usage veers away from the traditional routine that consists of 101 too many steps; instead streamlining it down to three different methods you can switch up at any time based on the current needs of your skin:

1. Layering
As fuss-free as it gets, just apply your serum(s) of choice then the Crème.

2. Mixing and matching
Squeeze two to three drops of the serum directly into a dollop of the Crème, blend in, and then work the mix onto your face.

3. Intensive treatment
Apply a serum and then the Crème in a richer quantity for 30 days as a cure when your skin is particularly stressed, whether it's due to fatigue, outbreaks or a change of climate.

The Dior Capture Youth series is available at all Dior beauty boutiques and counters