Dior launches a new makeup range inspired by backstage beauty

Dior launches a new makeup range inspired by backstage beauty

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Dear makeup junkie, your beauty access pass has been upgraded to Dior Backstage

We all love getting behind the scenes, even more so if that means squirrelling away an exclusive secret or two from our jaunt backstage. In fact, that's the whole premise of the new Dior Backstage line, a diffusion range of Dior Makeup that's taking the formulas and tools used by the pros and going public with them.

Inspired by the backstage hubbub and his years turning out runway looks, creative and image director for Dior Makeup Peter Philips has specially designed this new range to be the ultimate makeup artist survival kit, based on indispensable, essential products and made with his expertise as well as that of his team. And with the transient nature of runway shows (Paris one day then Milan the next) and how mad hectic it can get before call time, Philips has also formulated it such that Dior Backstage aces the stress test in order meet the needs of all women. As he puts it: "That was the aim when I redesigned all the indispensable items in my makeup bag, both for makeup artists and for every woman who wants a professional result with intuitive products and easy-to-use tools."

Dior Backstage makeup

So what's in this exclusively curated lineup? First off, expect everything in palettes — which is the most convenient way to condense all your products — packaged in compact dimensions that are also great for travelling. Secondly, you get an extensive 40 shades worth of foundation, two eyeshadow palettes, two eyebrow palettes, one face sculpting palette as well as one for highlighting, and another dedicated to lips with nine colours going from nude to deep berry. Lastly, a whole new set of 14 brushes round off the range, including seven for eyes and seven for foundation, one which is numbered n°11, uniquely designed for light foundation application.

Small yet significant details have also been taken into consideration, with the Dior Backstage aesthetic working elegant, transparent casing that allow you to see and pick out colours at a glance. It's an important feature for makeup artists working backstage as they don't have the luxury of time to go rooting through compacts one by one. Aimed to be universal, long-wear, buildable, and most notably easy-to-use, the pro nature of Dior Backstage is anything but intimidating, winning over talented makeup artists and top models (Bella Hadid among them, we're sure) who have immediately included the products into their everyday staples. We say it's time to transition to pro, fellow beauty junkies.

The Dior Backstage Line will be available at Dior Makeup boutiques and all Sephora stores from 5 July, $65 - $83, brushes from $45 - $104