Delight your senses with Diptyque's new fragrance

Skin on skin

Delight your senses with Diptyque's new fragrance
With notes of orange blossom, bitter orange and angelica, the new Eau de Toilette from Diptyque plays like a piece of music on your skin

Diptyque may be better known for its candles, scented ovals and room sprays, but the fragrance house makes some delightful fragrances as well. Among its most popular scents include the floral-woody Tam Dao. Its new collection, Eau des Sens, approaches scents in a completely different way. Like an octave of scents, this new fragrance has a mix of spicy and woody facets that will intrigue, disconcert and suprise the wearer — and anyone lucky enough to catch a whiff.

Diptyque Sense Eau Des

Rather than structure it like a traditional fragrance, the notes are built around the idea of a body's softness — an impression and feeling of warmth and sensuousness. Each citrus component uses not just one part of the plant, but the leaves, flowers and peel to capture the true essence of the fruit as whole, while neroli is not separated from its branch, so as to retain its true sparkle in the fragrance. Like most of the house's personal scents, this one is unisex. Just remember to wear it with a healthy dose of humour, warmth and playfulness.


From $40 for a soap to $190 for a 100ml fragrance at Escentials

Text: Renée Batchelor

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