Cult-favourite Japanese skincare brand MT Metatron has just landed in Singapore

Cult-favourite Japanese skincare brand MT Metatron has just landed in Singapore

Sayonara wrinkles

Text: Azrin Tan

Starting to see those unwanted lines on your face and décolletage? This highly functional skincare brand might be here to help. Hailing in all the way from Japan, MT Metatron — the number one skincare brand in the Land of the Rising Sun — has finally landed on our shores. Formerly exclusive to doctors' clinics only, the brand is well-established amongst medical experts and influencers alike for its astounding ability to tighten and firm up the skin upon application.

Their secret? DMAE: short for dimethylaminoethanol, it is a key ingredient that helps to reduce sagging and wrinkles via stimulating muscle contraction to fight the common sign of ageing from the epidermis down to the muscle layer. DMAE works together with other antioxidant ingredients like Carnosine and Alpha Lipoic Acid to boost collagen production and eliminate free radicals that typically cause those visible lines.

But the brand's strongest value comes from its initial reason for formulation: recovery from medical treatments and operations. Simply, it's a perfect range of products for those of you with sensitive and delicate skin; if it can be used post-op, it's definitely safe for you. It works with a natural ingredient that is already found in our natural bodies: working from within to tone up your facial muscles. Rather than adding on any extra product, it is a no-frills option free of unnecessary colors or fragrances too.

Amongst their range of products, the MT Metatron MT Essential Serum is probably the most recommended product to date. The powerful anti-ager is lauded for its ability to improve the overall appearance of wrinkles and sagging, tighten up the skin and give the face a shapelier 'V' contour. The MT Essential Lotion and MT Essential Cream are also performing picks to prime the skin before the usual skincare routine.

As part of their launch at Isetan Scotts, they are also giving out free starter kits worth $53 to the first 100 readers: just quote "BURO" at the physical counter and sign up for MT Metatron's WhatsApp membership at 8388 7884.

The full MT Metatron range features the MT Essential Serum, the MT Essential Lotion, MT Essential Cream and the MT Activate Mask.