Why you need beauty supplements, according to holistic French brand Crème Simon

Why you need beauty supplements, according to holistic French brand Crème Simon

Look good from the inside out

Text: Angelyn Kwek

This 157-year old apothecary-based label from France has launched a trio of nutritional supplements to boost your outward beauty from within

The name Crème Simon might draw blanks this side of the equator, but the French brand has been a go-to for European women when it comes to skincare derived from natural botanicals. Established in 1860, it was the creator of the world's first stable cream, and for generations has continually improved its offerings by listening to the needs of its clientele. Now landed on our shores with a flagship store at Downtown OUE Gallery — outfitted in 1920s' inspired décor derived from its apothecarist roots — Crème Simon is spreading their French, holistic aesthetic to Singaporean women with a new series of nutritional supplements.

Crème Simon flagship store

Conceptualised as the indispensable add-on to your beauty regime, the Les Remèdes de Monsieur Simon trio is the answer to eating your way to looking beautiful. And no, this is not exclusive to health nuts. Research studies published by the British Food Journal and Scientific American have shown that today's fruits and vegetables lack as much as 40 per cent of the nutritional value compared to the foods from our grandparents' time, due to intensive agricultural turnover in order to maximise profits. Talk about re-thinking your views on when it comes to embracing supplements. Containing essential vitamins and minerals to boost your overall immunity and in turn, your physical health and mental well-being, the collection consists of 'Feel', 'Look' and 'Rest' supplements targeted at mental alertness, skin and hair, and restful sleep respectively.

Made in France where the regulatory rules for oral supplements are the strictest, we're talking zero preservatives, colourings, GMO, sodium, gluten and fillers, on top of being vegetarian and vegan-friendly due to its vegetal-sourced gelatin capsules. The perfect complement to an ace skincare routine — kudos if you're picking up Crème Simon's signature brightening range while you're at it — this is good stuff from nature to feed yourself with.

Crème Simon skincare

Available at the Crème Simon boutique at Downtown OUE Gallery and in the online store, $42 each. To get 10 per cent off on supplements use the code 'BURO247'.