Save your skin (and the ocean) with this luxury cream

Save your skin (and the ocean) with this luxury cream

Rolling in the deep

Text: Renée Batchelor

Looking for an excuse for a feel-good buy? We've found the perfect skincare splurge

Every year like clockwork, La Mer celebrates World Oceans Day, and with good reason. The luxury skincare brand relies heavily on the ocean for its key ingredient — sea kelp— sourced from deep within the deep blue seas. This year the brand takes things up a notch by starting the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans fund. The fund will focus on supporting marine protected areas — such as seas, estuaries, oceans and large lakes. Says the brand's global president Sandra Main, "We are thrilled to be launching the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund and are honored to join a change-making community of explorers, advocates and hands-on conservationists that are making a difference all over the world."

The brand will also be part of Project 0, a global network of some of the world's most connected influencers who will give voice to the ocean to raise funds and awareness. Their aim? To put 30 per cent of the ocean under protection by 2030, by rebuilding coral reefs and mangrove forests, restoring fisheries and cleaning up the ocean. Talk about using your influence for a good cause.

La Mer Blue Heart

But if you're not a diver, conservationist or influencer, how can you do your part? Well for starters, you can donate directly to the cause or you can also take part in community-organised beach clean-ups and remember not to disrupt the environment or take a piece of the coral landscape on deep sea dives and beach holidays. Not the socially-active sort? You can also help through purchasing the limited edition Crème de la Mer Blue Heart. Proceeds from this luxurious cream — one of the endearing cult beauty products of our time — will go towards the new fund and this particular cause. If ever there was an excuse to splurge, now's the time. 

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