Colourpop x Sailor Moon makeup, Drunk Elephant expands into body care, and other beauty news

Colourpop x Sailor Moon makeup, Drunk Elephant expands into body care, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @colourpopcosmetics

1. Colourpop teams up with Sailor Moon to drop a hot new collection.

Yes, you can now live out your anime dreams thanks to Colourpop's latest collaborative effort with the popular 90's cartoon. The titular character, Usagi Tsukino, adorns lip bundles, loose glitter pots, pressed powder blushes, and an eyeshadow palette this season. Last we checked, everything has already sold out — so be sure to add your name to the waitlist before stocks run out for good. And that's not the final word on cool new partnerships, we might add...


2. M.A.C Cosmetics is all-set to launch a Barbie lipstick.

Hitting shelves 26 February, the limited-edition lippie comes encased in metallic gold and harbours a hot pink bullet characteristic of everyone's favourite doll. No word yet as to if M.A.C. Cosmetics x Barbie will be a full range, or if the lipstick will be the only item released. Fingers crossed it's the former.


3. Drunk Elephant expands into body care.

In case you missed it, we detailed everything you need to know about Drunk Elephant's new haircare range — but it seems that's not the brand's sole new venture in 2020. Enter: the Drunk Elephant Body Collection, which comprises a body cleanser, deodorant cream, and body lotion. Neat. The full line-up will be dropping at all Sephora outlets around late April, so be sure to brace those credit cards in preparation.


4. Sasa goods will now be available on online shopping platform, Shopee.

Good news for those still mourning the loss of this Hong Kong-based chain store: beginning 20 February, fans will be able to purchase their beauty favourites from the Sasa Official Store housed on e-commerce platform, Shopee. Expect exciting deals, promotions, and even sales up to 60% to celebrate the launch.


5. L'Occitane implements a new recycling programme.

Talk about making a change for the better. L'Occitane will be launching the Big Little Things Recycling Programme come 1 April, where their stores will accept empties from any beauty brand. Users can exchange any 10 beauty empties for a travel-sized product, while 70 empties earn you gifts worth $100. A good deal, indeed.


6. Jeffree Star teases a new nude palette.

He may have just dropped a spankin' new eyeshadow palette just days back, but this beauty mogul ain't resting quite yet. When someone commented on the possibility of a nude eyeshadow palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Star was quick to respond, "2020 IT'S COMING." We're all for it, though we can't help but wonder: does Jeffree ever sleep? Does he need sleep? As of now, all signs point to no.


7. Lizzo sported a chocolate bar inspired manicure like no other.

If you thought nothing could top Lizzo's Hershey's bar dress, think again. For us, at least, the star of the show was her chocolate bar manicure, where a 3D bar and wrapper was moulded out of acrylic and actually smelled like the real deal. As it turns out, this is the work of Nail Inc's confectionary collection. Yes, that's saturated, high-shine offerings that smell of chocolate. Add to cart, stat.


8. Orlando Bloom fixes a misspelled tattoo of his son's name.

Celebrity tattoo fails were everywhere in 2019 — and unfortunately in 2020, too. Orlando Bloom proudly showed off a forearm tattoo of his son's name in Morse code last week, only to realise that it was missing a dot, which means his ink reads "Frynn" instead of "Flynn." Bloom laughed it off and promptly got it fixed days after. Crisis averted, folks.