These are the colour-changing faux nails you never knew you needed

These are the colour-changing faux nails you never knew you needed

Magic fingers

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Make your mani a colour-shifting chameleon with Dooby’s Nails, a specialty nail brand from the UK offering hand-painted acrylics

Trawling the Instaverse in the name of beauty research has turned up gems like cult New York-based nail artist Alicia Torello and all her trendsetting designs, as well as inspo for summer manis you command request your manicurist to re-create. So it's fitting that on another jaunt through social media, we stumbled upon Dooby's Nails and its spiffy colour-changing glue-ons, like these blush-to-white digits:


And these purple-to-pink talons:


Kind of OMG, right? Turns out, this little bit of nail magic cleverly makes use of heat-sensitive tech to pull off its shade switcheroo. As explained by brand founder and nail designer Hayley Edwards in a interview: "The polish is a thermal-changing polish. The nails are one colour at room temperature, but the pigments will lighten and change colour once they are put into slightly warmer water. It looks like a Harry Potter trick, but it's actually the result of heat-sensitive pigments and dyes interacting with one another in the formula."

Made completely from scratch using an acrylic nail base that gets hand-painted for a professional salon finish, these babies are good for several uses and can even be customised with decorative charms and embellishments. You also get to choose the length and shape you'd like your colour-shifting nails to come in, and they have a variety of sizes to fit even the smallest nail beds. Each set of 20 nails is priced at a reasonable £18.99, which is something in the range of 35 Singapore dollars (or the equivalent of a one-time gel mani treatment). The brand also offers free worldwide shipping once you hit £65, so go gather round your girlfriends and make a plan for that slumber party.

Shop Dooby's Nails here.