Clinique has made their spot-correcting serum Even Better

Clinique has made their spot-correcting serum Even Better

Double trouble

Text: Renée Batchelor

In a new dual-chamber format, Clinique's Even Better targets dark spots but also soothes and quells irritation

If you've ever wondered what you need a dark spot corrector for... well lucky you! For the rest of us who have less-than-even skin and sport everything from sun and age spots to even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (usually caused by acne outbreaks), the dream is a clear and radiant complexion.

Clinique brings you a step closer to achieving this with its new Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer. In a new dual-chambered format, one side contains the Corrector formula, while the other has an Optimizer that is designed to soothe any irritation and prevent skin from future darkening — a new addition as research has shown that inflammation can worsen the look of dark spots. The Optimizer includes a blend of molasses, algae extract and gyokuru extract.

The Corrector, meanwhile contains the CL-302 complex — a combination of five brightening ingredients including Dianella ensifolia and a potent derivative of vitamin C — that diminishes the look of dark spots in as quickly as two weeks. The separated chambers protect the formula's freshness and integrity, combining the two complexes only upon use. Best of all the lightweight serum feels like nothing on the skin — just use one to two pumps, twice a day on the skin and neck, to get visible results.

$135. At Clinique counters