This lip stain lasts for 300 kisses

This lip stain lasts for 300 kisses

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a light-as-air lip stain that lasts longer than the Energizer bunny? Clarins has an app for that

It's no secret that women love lipsticks. In fact, in case you weren't aware, there's even a day dedicated to lipsticks. But while lipsticks in the form that we are most familiar with have been around for nearly 100 years (it was invented in 1923), it's the novel, new lip textures and forms that always intrigue us. From lip crayons to lip shakers, there's literally a texture for every preference. One of the newest trends is the idea of the lip tattoo, where a watery liquid transfers pigment on the lips for a second skin stain that looks almost discernible from your own skin. The newest version is from Clarins. The Water Lip Stain contains 77 percent water, and like the other products fuses with the lips instantly for a fresh veil of colour.

Water Lip Stain in Violet Water, Red Water, Orange Water and Rose Water, $36 each

Because this was created by Clarins, which is well-known for infusing skincare ingredients even it its makeup, you can expect ingredients that respect and treat the lips. The Water Lip Stain is rich in extracts that give your kissers both suppleness and comfort. Organic aloe extract protects the lips from dehydration while organic raspberry water softens the lips. Also infused in this lightweight liquid is an anti-pollution complex from Clarins that contains white tea, nipplewort and furcellaria. Even if you're unsure as to what these plants are — or maybe you're a botanist and do know — just note that it offers the lips a veil of protection and it's the first time that Clarins has included it in a lip product as it's usually only in skincare. The stain comes in four 'waters': Violet, Red, Orange and Rose, each subtle and beautiful in its own way. It can even be worn under the brand's matte lippie, the Rouge Joli Velvet, to help the lipstick last long 

$36. Available at Clarins stores and counters