Clarins’ new Open Spa offers quickie facials

Clarins’ new Open Spa offers quickie facials

Flash facials

Text: Renée Batchelor

Need a quick treatment but lacking the time? The new Clarins concept at Metro Centrepoint is just what the skin doctor ordered

We love facials as much as the next person. After all, as a beauty editor, enjoying, partaking in (and reviewing) facials is part of the job scope. But that doesn't mean we haven't thought in the middle of a relaxing (but particularly extensive) facial "Man, this is taking so long!" If you're the kind that has little patience for lengthy treatments, painful, extensive extractions and 20 minute masking that feels borderline claustrophobic, then the new Clarins Open Spa has a great concept for you.

The brand is offering  a series of 30-minute facials (and one body treatment) that is done in a small break-out spa on level 1 of Metro Centrepoint. The spa may be 'open' but you can still ask for some space, via privacy screens that can be dropped down during your treatment. Tucked away in a corner of the beauty floor, it felt safe from curious onlookers — our only (minor) grievance is that we weren't able to escape the loud Chinese New Year music played throughout our time there. Still the idea is that the experience, while not quite immersive, is still relaxing and efficacious.

Each treatment begins with a 10-minute long skin consultation before the facial begins proper. After speaking to my therapist and her evaluating my skin condition, we decided on the All about Brightening facial to help restore radiance and glow to my lacklustre complexion. Using a suite of products from the brand's White Plus range, including the star product, the serum, this speeded-up facial, consists of cleansing, toning, massage of products with the special Clarins method and a quick masking. There's even time for a hand massage to help put you in a relaxed state. While this flash facial may not be long on time, it's not short on results. After a quick applocation of the brand's Instant Light Radiance Boosting Compexion Base and Lip Oil, I was ready to face the world sans any touch-ups, and my skin was visibly brightened with my acne scars looking less obvious... impressive considering the brief time spent.

There are other mini facials available including the SOS V-Shape, that uses the brand's signature Shaping Facial Lift range and draining massage techniques for more defined and firmer facial contours, as well as firming and hydration-focussed facials. Also available is an express body treatment that has the therapist working on your shoulders, neck, scalp and hands. If you would like to sample the brand's products or simply need a quick perk-me-up in the middle of a shopping day, or after work, this is the perfect respite. Book your appointments, or if you happen to be in the area, chance a walk-in.

$38 per 30 minute session. Available at Clarins Open Spa, Level 1 Metro Centrepoint, 6735-8474