Purple dream: Clarins Extra-Firming Mask

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Purple dream: Clarins Extra-Firming Mask
Clarins has bottled the goodness of its Extra-Firming range into an amazing new mask that firms, smoothes and revives in just 10 minutes

Good things come in the colour purple. Think the award-winning book/movie/musical, the late musician Prince, medals for bravery at war and Clarins newest product, which is literally a jar of purple goodness. The reason this unusual hue was chosen for the packaging and the cream mask inside? Mauve was found to be a soothing colour, and is used in chromotherapy to encourage relaxation. The makers of the mask know that women leave super hectic lives, and wanted them to treat this masking experience as a little, 10-minute slice of respite and calm. The mask also transforms into a delightful cream-gel texture when worn and has a relaxing and non-cloying fragrance.
Clarins Extra-Firming Mask
The main ingredient in the mask is organic green banana with acerola seed, lemon thyme and palmitoyl glycine (a lipoamino acid) rounding off the actives. By studying the facial expressions of women  — such as repeated frowning — Clarins' laboratories realised the impact that everyday movements on the skin had on the apperance of fine lines. The cocktail of ingredients work to reduce the look of tension lines and even wrinkles, and visibly smoothes out features, so you look less like an angry, overworked woman and more like someone your friends might actually want to hang out with. 

To make this mask work even better, do the Clarins Pressure Point Method Massage. This involves a pre-stimulation of skin. After the mask has been generously applied and is allowed to work for a few minutes, you're then called to apply pressure on key areas of the skin where frown lines appear and any spots of tension like the cheeks. We would highly recommend asking the beauty advisors to teach you this method, as with many Clarins products, the right application guarantees more mileage out of your product. After using this mask, our skin felt instantly refreshed, lines were softened and our face was much more radiant. It's like a weekend break for your skin... achieved in just ten minutes. 

$105. Available from October at Clarins counters 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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