Clarins introduces a new firming skincare innovation

Clarins introduces a new firming skincare innovation

Age is just a number

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Put the spring back in your skin with the new Clarins Extra-Firming Day and Night duo

Did you know that three Clarins Extra-Firming creams are sold every minute? This best-selling formula doesn't just fly off the shelves, it plays the number game another turn by hitting the big four-o this year, and was the first face cream in the market uniquely designed to address middle-aged skin concerns. A firming innovation that has remained unchanged since 1978, Clarins is now proud to announce the reformulation of the range using new plant discoveries.

Featuring new textures and new scientific breakthroughs, the 2018 edition pushes the efficacy of firming creams by uncovering what Clarins Laboratories regard as 'youth reservoirs' in the skin. These are clusters of young cells that promote the skin's regeneration and which, when they leave their reservoir, become mature fibroblasts. Essentially, these are the building blocks for youthful skin, and they even regulate the renewal of the cells in your dermis. So does the skin sag because your youth reservoirs are drying up as you get older?

Unforch, that's a yes and yes. Clarins' research has shown that these cells break down due to ageing, as the protective membrane around the young cell clusters disintegrate due to the weakening of the links between cells. This speed-up in cell degeneration causes the amount of youth reservoirs in your skin to drop, which results in a lack of fibroblasts being produced — by as much as 55 per cent once you turn 40. But here to prevent you from sagging before your time is the kangaroo flower Clarins ethnobotanists have travelled to Australia to source, specifically the knot of flowers at the tip of its stem. Able to increase the plant's regeneration capacity to attract pollinating birds, it was the ideal bio-inspired ingredient extracted to mimic and better the skin's self-regenerating function. The kangaroo flower is even well known among certain Aboriginal tribes like the Noongar, who drink an energising decoction of its flowers and eat its nutrient-rich roots.

Clarins new Extra-Firming duo

Going with a three-pronged approach to firm that focuses on resisting stretching, resisting pressure, and bouncing back into shape, the new Extra-Firming range has a day and night duo that syncs with your skin's natural functions. And that rhythm would be defending itself against external aggressors — such as pollution, free radicals and UV — when the sun's out, and regenerating itself when you rest at night. Armed with a complete action formula that optimises your skin's own renewing process, the revamped Extra-Firming creams smooths out wrinkles, protects the skin against oxidative damage, boosts its barrier function, and moisturises and comforts on top of firming and lifting. With this hardworking duo, your road to visibly youthful skin just got that much smoother.

The new Extra-Firming Day & Night range will be available at all authorised Clarins counters, the Clarins boutique at Ion Orchard, and the Clarins Skin Spa from 27 July, $138 - $142