Christmas miracles: SK-II Wings of Change

Christmas miracles: SK-II Wings of Change

Gift of good skin

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Celebrate a meaningful festive season with SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence in stunning limited-edition sets

Famed for their award-winning Facial Treatment Essence (FTE), this year's festive designs see this SK-II icon dressed in gorgeous butterfly and hummingbird motifs that symbolise empowerment and change taking flight. Constantly championing women to be the masters of their destiny and to reinforce positive transformation, SK-II also carries on another tradition of collaborating with emerging artists to create these pretty designs.

SK-II Wings of Change

And just in time for Christmas gift-hunting, you can eliminate the need to search far and wide for the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and covetable, thanks to these gift sets:

1. For your mum
Mums deserve the utmost  for permanently putting up with our antics and one of the ways to express your gratitude is with the well-curated SK-II Age Protect set. Boasting the revolutionary new R.N.A Power cream and R.N.A Power Essence, these radiance and youth restoring skin boosters will keep your mum in merry spirits without the need for alcoholic beverages.

SK-II Wings of Change Age

2. For your sister
If sibling squabbles and rivalries have always been a thing, why not bury the hatchet this year by presenting your sister with a truly sincere gift she can't refuse? The Pitera Essence set with three SK-II core products will go a long way in laying the foundations for a better relationship, but is also an excellent choice for those who've always had a strong bond.

SK-II Wings of Change Pitera Essence

3. For your significant other
Nothing says 'I love you' more than a gift bearing the quintessential facial products a man needs. After all, husbands and partners may not buy skincare but they sure love to pinch ours and think we don't notice it. The SK-II Men Smart set is a two-step regimen that includes the SK-II Men FTE and the Age Revitalise Moisturiser to provide complete all-round nourishment, so even the fussiest or laziest guys can cover all their skincare bases.

SK-II Wings of Change Men

4. For your boss
Presents for bosses can be tricky, but you won't go wrong with the SK-II Iconic set. Comprising the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser and the limited edition red butterfly embossed FTE, this gift is thoughtful but not presumptious — after all everyone needs these skincare staples.

SK-II Wings of Change Iconic

Available at all SK-II counters.