The Christmas lip balms from Fresh you should try based on your zodiac sign

The Christmas lip balms from Fresh you should try based on your zodiac sign

Written in the stars

Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

If you're reading this, odds are you've associated your horoscope at least once in your pubescent years to the drama unfolding in your life. Jennifer was being snotty at the beginning of Secondary 2, but maybe it's more to do with Mercury being in retrograde, and less with the fact that she's a fickle pre-tween with wildly fluctuating hormones... like Terence, who ignored you that one Friday after Chinese for no reason. Even when things were going right, the flashback we had of dissecting our zodiac forecasts at the back of magazines with hopes for the predictions about our crushes finally noticing us is real enough to give us whiplash.

We're not alone; joining the astral fantasy is Fresh, taking our devotion to the hocuspocus up a notch.

Venus is rising. Fresh's new lip balm collection (dropped just in time for Christmas) features their best-selling Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy, though not before they underwent a makeover. In short, Fresh dressed up its 24-hour hydration tube in unique packaging for each corresponding astrology sign. Warning, corny pun ahead: it's as if our stars have aligned  astrology and beauty, two of our beloved obsessions.

So which lip balm does a Saggitarius react to? Would a Gemini appreciate Fresh's artistic packaging? We stargazers need some certainty in our lives and by that we mean we need to the lip balm that will bring us good fortunes.

fresh lip balm

Leos strut through life like the main protagonist in every story. What better way for them to demonstrate their gumption than with a don't-f*ck-with-me lip product? This rich and regal colour scheme certainly fits the bill.

fresh lip balm

Aquariuses are said to be open-minded and enjoy exploring their creative side. Translation: forget a plain ol’ beauty gift. Fresh’s adornment of bright aqua illustrations will impress because this sign appreciates the attention to detail.

fresh lip balm

Scorpios have a reputation for being intensely passionate and magnetic, hence this violet illustration to reflect the positively spellbinding nature of this sign.

Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection is available online.