Christian Louboutin launches a trio of fragrances

Christian Louboutin launches a trio of fragrances

Greater heights

Text: Renée Batchelor

Not content with conquering the world of shoes and accessories, Christian Louboutin continues it foray into beauty with three new fragrances

When you think of Christian Louboutin, a lipstick red sole, sexy, flesh-toned patent leather and vertiginous heels might all come to mind. But the brand is now moving beyond shodding the glamorous feet of women and men worldwide and into nail polishes, lipsticks and now scents. Says Christian Louboutin himself, "I wanted to celebrate a woman and her desires. I wanted these fragrances to enhance an aspect of her personality, or perhaps reveal something about her that no one knew before, maybe not even her... tell a secret, a story. In a way creating these fragrances is like being a film directo — some directors want to control the acting process, others want to reveal the power of character and personality. This is what I try to evoke with shoes and now with the alchemy of fragrance. I want to give women the means to express themselves and to delight in their femininity."

And following a trend where not one, but a collection of scents are released at one go, the brand has three distinct scents for different personalities. Bikini Questa Sera is the most intimate of the three, with opalescent notes of jasmine and tuberose, that shimmer against the skin. The bottle has a deep amber-and-warm gold ombré to represent the warmth and sensuality of this scent. If you're the kind who wears bright red lipstick, Tornado Blonde — which reminds us a bit of the designer's muse Blake Lively — is feminine and potent thanks to a heart note of red rose with lush and sweet violet and cassis rounding it off. The bottle has a 
garnet-to-light gold gradation effect to reflect the vivacity of its wearer. Finally the most heady and seductive of the three fragrances, is Trouble in Heaven. Meant to provoke, this has notes of iris, patchouli and tonka absolut set off by the dry heat of amber. The royal purple-and-gold ombré flaçon is the most regal and mysterious of the three, to reflect the fragrance's profile. Whichever one you pick, these scented treasures are the perfect complement to your Louboutins.

Available at selected Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide