Watch: Charlize Theron is a sultry siren for Dior J'adore

Run in the sun

Text: Bianca Husodo

The new film of Dior's J'adore fragrance moves away from the night and basks us in golden sunset and Charlize Theron's radiant charm

If two years back Charlize Theron was the Dior heroine scrapping off her stilettos and pearly embellishments for a bravado climb up to the unknown, this time the statuesque beauty is immersed in her new quest for unrestrained freedom surrounded by nature's grand luxuries. A sensorial journey directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino — who's been behind the J'adore woman story since 1999 — bathes the platinum bombshell under an outpour of rain before placing her under the sublime, warm light where the sky meets the earth, as water becomes the new gold. The message is clear: Luxury can have new meaning and the J'adore woman knows exactly that.

Filmed in raw light, the au naturel beauty of Theron and the vast scenery required no re-touching, only extreme patience. Mondino attests, "Today, I can confirm that the planets all aligned for us to create this film. From storyboard to filming, everything went perfectly. The sun, wind and sky... Nature spoiled us, and there wasn't a moment of disappointment. At around 6.15 every evening, when the light was finally perfect, it was like a mystical experience."

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