Why you should visit the Chanel Chance perfume pop-up store in Ion Orchard

Why you should visit the Chanel Chance perfume pop-up store in Ion Orchard

Smells good

Text: Guan Tan

It's officially almost three months since Covid-19 turned up of nowhere and made a mess of our lives. And here's our question to you: bored yet? If you've been working from home due to all things Covid-19, you would have been on an emotional roller coaster ride (like us).

First, it's ecstasy –– pure liberation, joy, and out-of-office freedom. You would have binge-watched Netflix's reality TV show, Terrace House, like our in-house Buro. beauty guru, Emily Heng. Otherwise, you may have been on an online shopping spree like our editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Lee, checking out Gucci lipsticks online. Our dear intern Karelle Ng, has been shopping for... well, bedsheets. You get my drift. It only gets weirder from here.

Then comes restlessness. You start making solo trips out to catch new films and visit new coffee joints –– with the company of your laptop and work emails (of course).

The restlessness doesn't last –– it quickly turns into desparation and utter despair. True story here: I was doing everything to get myself out of the doors to stretch my legs. Staycation in Sentosa? Sure. Coffee? On my way. Chanel fragrance pop-up store in ION Orchard? Say no more.

When I arrived, it was clear –– we're all feeling the same. The Chanel pop-up was downright crowded. As guests entered the sprawling shopfront (formerly the Swedish stationery store, kikki. K), beauty advisors offered hand sanitisers from sleek, black Chanel bottles. With sanitising out of the way, guests were free to roam the ephemeral store. Before you pay a visit this week, here's everything you need to know:

1. A new Chanel Beauty store is on the way

Familiar with the current Chanel Beauty store in ION Orchard's basement (right outside the train station)? It's now closed and hoarded up for a facelift and expansion. While that's happening, Chanel fans can instead visit the ephemeral Chanel Chance Studio (literally two shopfronts down the road).

2. The Chance Studio

The Chanel Chance pop-up was inspired by the backstage of a dance studio where dancers get ready and made up. While you'll find the entire range of all Chanel Beauty skincare, makeup, and fragrance ranges available for swatches and purchase, the protagonist of the new Chance Studio is the candy-coloured series of Chance fragrances.

3. You have many chances in life

First introduced in 2003, Chanel Chance was an homage to Gabrielle Chanel's... beliefs and superstitions. "Chanel used to say that she was given a chance in life and she seized it," explains Chanel's in-house fragrance expert, Jean Loy. Chanel believed that chance was never haphazard coincidences but a state of mind and choice. "You have to recognise chance [when you see one]," Loy continues.

Created by the French perfumer, Jacques Polge, in 2003, the Chance scent was distinctively Chanel –– quite like Chanel No. 5, it came in liquid gold, and carried base notes of patchouli and vetiver married with iris, jasmine, and pink pepper. The only difference? It came in a round, a literal circular bottle. Back then, that was unprecedented in the house of Chanel. "The circular and round packaging represents the wheel of life –– there's no beginning and nor end," Loy continues. "The cap is a dice." It all called at chance.

4. And Chanel Eau Fraîche happened


Four years later, Chance Eau Fraîche (you'll definitely recognise it as the sole green bottle on Chanel counters) was released for a different Chance woman. With base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and teak, paired with jasmine, musk, citron and water hyacinth, the Fraîche is a bright and citrusy for sparkly and sporty personalities.

5. Then came pink

In 2010, the all-pink Chance Eau Tendre found its way onto retail shelves. Like a soft, sweet-centered marshmallow, the scent is unlike other Chanel fragrances. With amber and cedarwood at the core, hyacinth, jasmine, and a citrusy grapefruit laid over, the Eau Tendre is a powdery, sweet, and altogether feminine scent designed by Jacques Polge (the same guy who created the OG Chanel Chance).

6. Finally, peach

When 2015 came round, the fourth iteration, dubbed Eau Vive, joined the Chanel Chance family. Now, the Eau Vive is a little special –– instead of Jacques Polge, the scent was designed by his son, Olivier Polge. Even though it's peach in colour, it doesn't actually smell like peach. Instead, base notes of white musk and vetiver when accompanied with jasmine, grapefruit and blood orange, gives a sparkling, exuberant, citrus and floral scent. You could liken it to grapefruit soda –– refreshing and reinvigorating.

7. Book yourself a perfume workshop

If all the above has tickled your interest, you can actually call the pop-up store to arrange for a small group perfume workshop for you and your friends. How much will that cost? Well, it's free!

8. Spin the Wheel of Chance

Fragrance workshops aside, you can book yourself a short makeover by the Chanel beauty advisors (yes, complimentary). If not, just pop in to spin the Wheel of Chance for a shot at fragrance samples or beauty services. Finally, The Chance Studio will run through July. A facelift is slated in May, replaing Chance with another Chanel concept.

Visit Chanel's Chance Studio at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-53, Singapore 238801 from 11AM to 9PM.