Lustre for life: Chanel's new lip gloss is one you'll have to try to believe

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Lustre for life: Chanel's new lip gloss is one you'll have to try to believe
In a move away from the matte lips that ruled 2016, more makeup houses are trying to resuscitate the lip gloss. Here's how Chanel improved on its new Rouge Coco Gloss

What do you want from your lip gloss? If you anwered a comforting, yet light and non-sticky texture and vibrant, eye-catching colour then you're probably not alone. The makeup gods —  in  the form of Chanel's global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica — have heard your pleas. After nearly two years of lipstick taking a decidedly matte direction — 2016 was the year everyone launched a matte liquid lip — lip glosses are finally getting some attention again.

Developed in collaboration with Pica, the new formula of Rouge Coco Gloss mixes together "exceptional ingredients, sensuality and unstoppable voluptuousness, all in a wide palette of dazzling colors." That's where you've got to hand it to Chanel. While all the glosses are in a melt-away gel texture that glides on, the finishes are quite dizzying — from transparent to intense to scintillating. Also introduced are three new topcoats that act like nail topcoats, but with a transformative tint that 'livens up' your exisiting lip colour. The limited edition Caviar which looks almost black in the tube, but goes on sheer, adds a touch of noir to even pale lippies while the shade Excitation is the topcoat equivalent of a sequinned minidress. And if, like us, you struggle with the precision required to perfect a super matte or liquid lip, you might welcome the idea of a gloss so simple to use, you can apply it literally with your eyes closed.

Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat in Impulsion Excitation and Caviar
The formula is also non-sticky, because what could be worse than your hair sticking to your gloss and making unsightly smears all over your face. Inside each tube of gloss is not just a burst of colour, but a hydraboost complex consisting of natural waxes of jojoba, sunflower and mimosa as well as a coconut oil derivative for long-lasting comfort and hydration. The gloss also has a gel-like finish that gives your lips a mirror-like shine while a volumising peptide plumps up your kissers for a bit of a boost with every application. Will glosses be the next big thing in 2017? You never know.

Available from 24 February at all Chanel beauty boutiques

Text: Renée Batchelor

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