Face forward with Chanel Le Lift

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Face forward with Chanel Le Lift
Using their study of the role epigenetics plays in skin ageing, Chanel develops three new product extensions for their Le Lift range

If only we could all look as beautifully-chiselled as German actress and Chanel Le Lift spokesmodel Diane Kruger at age 39. You could insert a joke here about the importance of having good genes. And you won't be far off the mark. The good news is, science allows us to change our genetic destiny to a certain extent. Chanel laboratories have employed their discoveries in epigenetics — the study of the role external or environmental factors play on cellular trait variations at the genetic level — to formulate the products in this range.

Without getting too science-y, the products contain an exclusive, active ingredient, a molecule called 3.5DA, that regulates the expression of genes. What it translates to is skin that is lifted, wrinkles that are smoothened out and facial contours that are redefined. The range was first introduced in 2013, and now Chanel scientists have developed three new products to complete Le Lift.

The Eye Concentrate Instant Smoothing is a lighter, fresher gel texture as compared to the existing eye cream. But it works just as well in reducing dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

Le Lift Yeux

The Le Lift Lotion meanwhile, is a moisturising and smoothing lotion that should be applied with a cotton pad directly after cleansing the face, to balance the skin and preserve its barrier function.

Le Lift Lotion

Finally, the Masque de Massage is probably the most indulgent product of the three. This facial recontouring mask transforms into a silky oil when massaged onto the skin. When applied with a series of movements — including lifting and depuffing techniques that you can learn at the counters — your face will look sharper and slimmer. Use it thrice a week, after cleansing skin and before you start your Le Lift regimen for optimal results.

Le Lift Masque Massage

Available from September at Chanel counters and stores

Text: Renée Batchelor

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