How Chanel's new Le Blanc makeup collection was inspired by K-Pop and Eastern culture

Going global

How Chanel's new Le Blanc makeup collection was inspired by K-Pop and Eastern culture
With a makeup collection inspired by mishmash of old and new, and a juxtaposition of cultures, Énergies Et Purietés de Chanel is an exciting new launch that feels truly global

A good designer takes inspiration from a myriad of sources. And its no different whether you're designing jewellery or makeup. In today's massively inter-connected world, it's nice to see there is no longer just one sphere or city of influence when it comes to fashion or beauty. For the Parisian brand's colour collection, Énergies Et Purietés de Chanel, colour director Lucia Pica wanted to convey the concepts of purity and serenity while playing with colour. Inspired by the blank canvas of Japanese washi paper — the traditional, hand-woven material that has a transparency and opacity that allows a soft glow to pass through — Pica juxtaposes it with the vibrancy and energy of life and colour.

For that she looked at not just traditional art forms like theatre but even K-Pop, for the vibrant cherry and coral tones she designed for the lips, cheeks and nails. When done right, this happy contrast makes for a collection that is fun, modern and energetic. And did we mention the textures? From the tweed-like imprint on the Les Tissages blushes — one is a limited edition shade — to the jaw-droppingly beautiful Plissé Lumière de Chanel golden highlighter, there are so many collectible pieces, we're spoilt for choice. Here are our favourites from Énergies Et Purietés de Chanel.

From $50- $103. At Chanel counters and stores from 20 January

Text: Renée Batchelor

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