Chanel creates the world's first 3D-printed mascara brush

Chanel creates the world's first 3D-printed mascara brush

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Text: Rachel Ng

Find out how Chanel has revolutionised the beauty game by introducing the world's first ever 3D printed mascara wand

3D printing is not rocket science to us. The guns, the cheese, shoe soles, rings, even a pair of homemade braces – we’ve seen it all before and were simply awaiting the next breakthrough. Trust Chanel to bring 3D printing into the beauty industry with the first ever 3D-printed mascara brush marketed on an industrial scale 

The brand has collaboration with Erpo 3D Factor to pave the way for beauty’s latest revolutionary product — the first 3D brush on the cosmetics market. The Le Volume Revolution De Chanel mascara boasts a 3D printing borne shape which would not have been possible using classic production techniques. What is so special about this particular shape? The granular texture of the brush optimises lash adherence and product deposit. Each brush is also endowed with micro-cavities, while the absorption of the mascara formula is enhanced to deliver the right dose to build volume with each stroke, without having to dip the brush in the tube again between applications. Talk about efficiency. Finally, you can say goodbye to clump lashes with the millimeter-scale arrangement of the bristles and the conical tip, that allows for immediate, extreme volume on the lashes and a uniform distribution of the formula.

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What this means for the beauty industry
For the first time in history, and pioneered by Chanel Parfums Beaute, 3D printing will be used for mass industrialisation. Elimination of the traditional mold creation process means more savings, freedom, flexibility and responsiveness for mass production. Think 50,000 brushes in 24 hours and 250,000 brushes per week. This translates to a capacity to produce a million brushes per month. But don’t let these huge numbers scare you as quality still prevails here. As these products are designed for the ultra-sensitive eye area, Chanel has put the brushes under a rigorous process of analysing the raw material, polymerisation of the powder with laser beams, and cleaning with an exclusive Chanel technique that will ensure indisputable performance and safety. Go forth, your wand awaits. 

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