Byredo's Triplé Gagnant mini hair sprays are the perfect treat

Byredo's Triplé Gagnant mini hair sprays are the perfect treat

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Put Byredo's limited edition mini hair sprays on our lust list pronto

Everyone loves Byredo. Even Victoria Beckham — who seems like she would be picky about her beauty — had unabashedly declared her love for the brand's fragrances, specifically the scents Blanche and Bal D'Afrique. Well if you've ever in a spot where you need to get her a gift she'll love, you know what to get. Now Byredo is offering a selection of mini hair mists in sets of three, packaged in cute silver foil wrapper no less, in keeping with its minimalist chic Swedish aesthetic. Called Triplé Gagnant (which roughly translates into triple winner), they come in travel- and purse-friendly 30ml sizes. Break them up into singles for your three besties, or keep one in your office drawer, one in your handbag and a third in your bathroom... seriously you can never have too many hair mists.Byredo Triple Gagnant in Bal D'Afrique, Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost, $169 a set
Besides giving your hair a beautiful and unstuffy scent, these hair perfumes actually leave your tresses nourished and luminous as well, thanks to a light, invisible veil in the formula that doesn't harm hair. The brand has divided this into two collections. Fleurs boasts three of the brand's bestselling floral scents: Blanche, La Tulipe and Flowerhead. Meanwhile Bois has three of the best, woody offerings from Byredo: Bal D'Afrique, Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost. Quick... someone get both kits for Victoria Beckham! Did we mention these are limited?

$169 per set of three. Available at Escentials

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