Byredo's newest perfume was inspired by the '60s

Byredo's newest perfume was inspired by the '60s

Fevered dream

Text: Renée Batchelor

Byredo's newest scent, Velvet Haze, is a inspired by the counter-cultural movement of the 1960s. Find out why we still think it works in 2017

Byredo's latest launch, Velvet Haze is a unisex Eau de Parfum inspired by the 1960s. Think Jim Morrison, hippies, trippy drugs and tie dyed clothes. Which is why you wouldn't expect this fragrance to smell generic. Byredo after all, is known for its off-centre take on scents — from the overripe fruit sensation of Pulp to the fragrant jasmine of Flowerhead inspired by the flowers worn on the heads of Indian brides. The newest offering has a decidely obtuse brief, with the press release saying, "The velvet haze is that daze state that carries us to artificial paradises, that ardent moment where eternity seems finally regained. The opulence of the scent embarks us in a psychedelic whirlpool reminiscent of the hypnotic beauty of a bonfire. Along this exhilarating path, the sweetness of coconut water soon gives way to the feverish power of patchouli leaves. The air is dry and the atmosphere lazy. An experience of all senses that the velvety cacao and the wild musk enrich with their earthy envelope."Byredo Velvet Haze Eau de Parfum
The top notes that you will find in this Oriental, woody fragrance include ambrette and coconut water. But at the heart of the fragrance is patchouli leaves — but of course, as it's practically the scent signature of hippies everywhere. Fun fact: Gwyneth Paltrow once told us that she absolutely abhorred the scent of patchouli. The base notes of cacao absolu and wild musk give Velvet Haze a slightly gourmand, delicious twist, and while this may not be for everyone's tastes, the uniqueness of the scent will certainly strike the fancy of some. Wear it with that velvet dress, a flower crown and a devil-may-care spirit.

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