Your 4-step By Terry skincare ritual to beat city pollution

Your 4-step By Terry skincare ritual to beat city pollution

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Worried about enlarged pores or breakouts caused by environmental pollution? By Terry Detoxilyn is the skincare set to help with that

We all love to live in big cities... but not so much the pollution that comes with it. Science has already flagged the cons that come with big city living, what with the additional environmental factors such as vehicular smog and added stress laying the groundwork for prematurely ageing skin. And like every other urbanite that's wired up to their eyeballs, chances are you're also addicted to your smartphone, which doesn't help because we now have blue light UV ageing caused by our devices to fret over as well.

Before you anxiously scrutinise every inch of your face for lines and start lamenting the pitfalls of technology, By Terry has launched a new anti-pollution skincare collection that'll help you get ahead of the urban jungle. Pouring a good amount of research into understanding how toxins impact the function of young healthy skin, the cult beauty brand has taken their luxurious Baume de Rose formula and developed it into the new, highly effective and holistic Cellularose Detoxilyn range.


Designed to counteract the effects of toxins on the skin and stimulate the epidermis' natural defense mechanism to boost its functions and health, the 4-step regime contains Alpin rose stem cells, which are 'molecular warriors' noted for its resistance against the harsh frost surrounding its natural habitat 2,600 metres in the rocky pastures of France. This key ingredient is also chock-full of highly concentrated vitamin C to enhance the detoxification efficacy by fighting free radicals and improving the respiration of cells. Your skin will be better armed to metabolise the environmental pollutants, which basically means it's able to 'breathe' again without all these impurities clinging on.

Working a two-fold action, the Cellularose Detoxilyn ritual protects the epidermis from pollution during the day while nighttime sees it stimulating cellular regeneration and eliminating toxins. So if it's your skin bouncing back with clarity, radiance and balance you're after, then you best get started on By Terry's detox plan.

The By Terry Cellularose Detoxilyn collection will be available at Escentials from July, $120 -$205

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