Butter up with Kiehl's new lip treat

Butter up with Kiehl's new lip treat


Text: Renée Batchelor

What's better than a lip balm? A lip butter. Find out why Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment will make you melt

It's hard not to be a fan of Kiehl's simple and effective Lip Balm #1 — even the utilitarian name speaks volumes. And although this hydrating lip essential sometimes throws limited edition flavours into the mix, the brand hasn't branched out with new textures and tints thus far. Enter the new Butterstick Lip Treatment that will be launching in May. In a hydrating mix of nourishing coconut oil and antioxidant-rich lemon butter, this tiny lip treat packs quite a punch. The formula has an SPF25 and glides on for up to 12 hours of hydration. The Butterstick Lip Treatment comes in five flattering, tinted formulas — with names like Pop of Peony and Pure Petal — as well as two, untinted options. We'd go for the untinted option with SPF for a good, everyday lip butter and one of the coloured ones for a beach holiday or vacay.
Kiehl's Buttersticks Lip Treatment
And if you think you don't need a good lip balm, think again. "Nourished lips are essential. If you want to be able to wear a matte lip — a  look that is undeniably trending — you must ensure that you hydrate and protect your lips daily to prevent your lip color from picking up any dry flakes," shares celebrity makeup artists Joanna Simkin. And did you know when it comes to protecting and treating your lips, it's okay to colour out of the lines. "If you're a fan of glosses, hydrating your lips is equally important as a gloss will accentuate dryness even more. Don't be afraid to apply your lip balm around the edge of your lips to protect the surrounding skin — this will help keep wrinkles at bay for younger, more supple-looking lips," adds Simkin.

$28. Available from May 2017