Burberry unites their iconic Brit fragrances in one collection

The Brit pack

Burberry unites their iconic Brit fragrances in one collection
Confused by the various Burberry perfumes out there? We’ve put together a little lexicon to help

Easily identified as a Brit, the rectangle flacon with its signature tartan print all but proudly declares its prestige as a Burberry fragrance. But several years in with its cult popularity, Burberry Brit has branched off with a number of variations and limited edition scents that unless one is has hyperosmia (the ability to detect the minutest of smells) or a Brit collector, you might be hardpressed to distinguish one from another. 

In a bid to reset the board and to allow us to re-identify with our favourite Brit, Burberry will be relaunching the fragrances as one collection that includes both women's and men's scents. Comprising of six different scents, each with its individual character and distinctive notes, we break down the nuances of each fragrance so you'll know which Brit is your mate when you're letting that free-spirited English attitude reign.

Bonus: The new campaign soon to be unveiled in stores and online is the very one with Brooklyn Beckham behind the lens. Hang on to your hats now.



The new Burberry Brit collection launches mid July at Sephora and all major department stores. From $74 - $190

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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