Isn't it Eye-conic?: The Laura Mercier products you need for defined peepers

Isn't it Eye-conic?: The Laura Mercier products you need for defined peepers

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We all know the old adage about the eyes being the window to your soul. And with your brows and liner framing them, it's time to invest in these quality Laura Mercier products

Ladies, here's something you need to know: your brows are important. Says makeup artist extraordinaire Laura Mercier, "I love the look of a full, natural looking brow. It provides a perfect sense of structure to the eye." If you're not blessed with full brows that can be groomed into any shape, try a brow mascara like the new Brow Dimension Fiber. Laura Mercier's fibre-infused colour gel gives you the sculpted, lush brows you desire, and grooms, defines and sets the brows for up to 12 hours. Talk about instant polish. 

And Laura has some tip for using these products. "For sparse brows, apply the Eyebrow Pencil first to the areas needed and then apply Brow Dimension Fiber." And yes, you can use this product to lighten and darken your brows, although don't expect to alter them drastically if you base hair colour is dark. Still Mercier says, "To slightly tint brows, select a different shade of Brow Dimension Fiber-Infused Colour Gel than your natural brows. This is a great way to cover any grey hair."

Laura Mercier Instant Ink 24-Hour Brush Eyeliner

Ask any eyeliner connoisseur worth her salt what she looks for in an eyeliner, and you'll hear that good control, a fluid texture and fast-drying formula are some inportant features for clean and precise lines, no matter if it's a cat-eye flick or a simple line that you're creating. Laura Mercier's Instant Ink 24-Hour Brush Eyeliner meets all the requirements with one-stroke precision and soft, brush tip. And if you want to create the perfect double-tip liner, Mercier has this handy trade secret to share. After drawing two straight lines — one from the top lashline and one from the bottom lash — leave a small space between them. Says Mercier, "To create more contrast between the lines, apply Secret Camouflage with the Secret Camouflage Brush." Concealer for more than just eyebags. Now that's a beauty secret worth keeping.

$38-$49. At Laura Mercier counters