Meet the brow kit that does all the work for you

Brows down pat

Meet the brow kit that does all the work for you
Not good with your brows, but always dreaming of achieving that multi-dimensional effect? Now you can with this nifty new innovation from Benefit

Hands up if you're a bit of makeup dummy? There's no shame, as even the most put-together ladies among us sometimes have trouble with perfecting their eyeliner or keeping their red lippie from bleeding something furious. Don't even start on getting our brows perfectly even, filled-in without looking fake-y, and having that lush, 3D effect. Benefit has a pretty extensive brow collection already, but their latest innovation cleverly fills a niche heretofore unserved. This mini brow palette, divides the brow into two shades for a more believable finish. Say bye to misshapen or caterpillar brows with this new ombré-effect tool, that recreates the look of a natural brow, that tends to look darker from the mid-arch to the ends, and lighter at the inner corners.

Foolproof brows

To use this easy-peasy palette, sweep the lighter shade from the start of the brow to your arch then lightly apply the darker shade from the arch to the tail. It comes with a foolproof blending sponge, and a small spoolie brush, so you can blend it well after you're done to diffuse any harshness. Voila! Perfect brows with minimal effort and practically no guesswork. Plus the well-designed proportion of product means you should use the powder up quite evenly, so there's little to no wastage.

$42. Available from 17 August at Benefit counters

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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