Bottega Veneta releases a garden-inspired collection of fragrances

Bottega Veneta releases a garden-inspired collection of fragrances

Garden variety

Text: Renée Batchelor

The Italian luxury house's newest fragrance collection is six unisex scents inspired by the floral whiffs from a 16th century Venetian garden

If there's one place that remains high on a tourist's bucket list, it's Venice. But besides the famed canals, the Palladian gardens of Veneto (the region where Venice resides) brilliantly melds classical architecture merges with landscape to create a perfectly balanced vision of beauty. Although they were designed by the sixteenth-century Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, the villas and their gardens are still intact today. The Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta was so enthralled by the Palladian gardens, it decided to create a collection of unisex scents inspired by them. 

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladio III

Dubbed Parco Palladiano, the six fragrances are a collaboration with three perfumers. Each scent is seen an 'olfactory trompe l'oeil', as it captures different facets of a Palladian garden — think roses, the cypress tree and the pear tree . And it seems the brand's creative director has deep links with the work of Andrea Palladio as well. "Palladio is a source of endless inspiration for me in many ways," says Tomas Maier. "My father was an architect who studied the work of Palladio, so his teachings have always been part of my life even before I started as creative director at Bottega Veneta. Palladio was an artisan as well as an architect who sought balance and harmony in everything. The Palladian gardens that inspire this Parco Palladiano collection represent a perfection on earth and an agricultural utopia."

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladio VI
Each fragrance in the Parco Palladiano collection is numbered by simple Roman numerals —I, II, III, IV, V, VI —  as a nod to the classical heritage of the Palladian villas. The three perfumers in the collection are Michel Almairac, Daniela Andrier and Alexis Dadier. Declares Maier, "I am fascinated by their work. With the Parco Palladiano collection, they have created fragrances that extend and tell a new story about the Bottega Veneta world." Each perfumer creates two scents, with the final scent Parco Palladiano VI, a collaboration between Almairac and Mylène Alran. Among the highlights are the sun-ripened pear and mint-infused III and the spicy rose of VI. The best way to discover these scents though, is in person. Be transported, with just one sniff into the gardens of Veneta — seas and continents away.

Available at Bottega Veneta Ion and Marina Bay Sands