Boost your skin with Clarins’ latest additions

Boost your skin with Clarins’ latest additions

Youthful glow

Text: Rina Sariff

It’s time to let your skin glow with these Clarins skin boosters that can be added to your regular moisturiser

Need a booster to revitalise your dull and tired skin? After 10 long years of thorough research, Clarins has developed three concentrated formulas, which may just be the solution to your predicament. Depending on your skin's needs, you can choose among the selection of boosters that each has their own, unique function. To help get you started, here's a rundown of the three products – energy, repair and detox. 

Energy booster
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Comprising of ginseng extract from China and Korea, this booster is perfect for night owls who needs to re-energise your skin to get rid of any visible sign of weariness. Known for being an amazing toner that helps to improve complexion, you can now save your skin from looking dull and blah.

Repair booster
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With Singapore's bipolar weather (think warm outdoors and super cold and dry air conditioning), it's no surprise if your skin is left with redness and dry patches. Enriched with a bark extract – mimosa tenuiflora that is found in Mexico, you can now rely on the booster to fix your patchy skin while restoring it. 

Detox booster
Boost your skin with Clarins’ latest additions (фото 3)
Living in a populated city with lots of heavy traffic,  you simply can't avoid the polluted environment. Even by taking a walk along the streets of Orchard road, you can feel how dehydrated and irritated your skin gets after a long day. To save you from this plight, the detox booster contains green coffee, which has amazing benefits like detoxification as well as decelerating the ageing process.

Now that you can get healthy and radiant skin from just mixing a few drops of the booster into your day cream, say goodbye to your dull complexion.

The collection will be available from January 2017 onwards