Bobbi Brown starts a new makeup line, Halsey tattoos her head, and other beauty news

Bobbi Brown starts a new makeup line, Halsey tattoos her head, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @iamhalsey

1. Bobbi Brown has created a new makeup line.

This decision comes four years after leaving her eponymous beauty brand. In 2020, Brown is embarking on a new venture titled Jones Road; a clean beauty line with an emphasis on essentials in the vein of do-it-all salves, cream shadows, and glosses. The collection is said to work "for all ages, skin types, and skin tones that help women achieve the no-makeup makeup look naturally." Sounds pretty on-brand, alright.


2. Emily Ratajkowski comes in as Creative Director of Loops.

As well as partner, we might add. This marks the model's first foray into beauty, where she will be responsible for developing the brand's products, social media content, and more. Specialising in clean-formulated face masks, Ratajkowski has expressed her excitement about her new position, declaring that "their product speaks for itself." We'll take her word for it until Loops makes itself available on our shores.


3. Halsey tattoos her head.

The songbird has recently buzzed her head — and went the extra mile by getting her scalp inked with stars on top of that. She revealed the look via Instagram Story, with the caption, "Finally did it" followed by a string of sparkle emojis. This is probably what Shia LeBeouf was talking about when he said we shouldn't let our dreams stay dreams. And in other hair-related news within the celebrity sphere...


4. Sam Smith reveals that he underwent hair transplant surgery.

He broke the news while filming a Beauty Secrets video with Vogue, further elaborating that he decided to do it at the recommendation of his hairdresser about two years ago after he noticed that his hairline was receding. "I haven't actually spoken about this before, so I'm going to speak about it, because I don't feel like I have anything to hide," Smith clarified. He then went on to show viewers a close-up of his 'do, which he declared "stunning." We agree.


5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is teaming up with Hunting Season to release new makeup bags.

In three specific designs, to be exact. The first is The Beauty Case, a structured bag large enough to house multiple full-sized products, while the other two are known as The Large Cosmetic Case and The Small Cosmetic Case respectively — essentially, two curved clutches that vary in size. The full line-up is available in four hues: crimson, black, grey, and camel. You can get your hands on 'em online, now.


6. Lipslut is donating proceeds of their F*ck Trump Lipstick to causes he hates.

Think organisations that combat racism, rigged voting, and the like. 100% of proceeds from the sales will go to said charities from now to 3 November, aka Election Day. Pettiness with a hefty helping of social justice? We didn't expect anything less.


7. Anthony Hopkins branches out into fragrance and scented candles.

Developed in partnership with non-profit charity, No Kid Hungry, it features a single parfum, several candles, as well as fragrance diffusers. All scents are gender-neutral, and was conceived to "bring some relief into this strange world we're now living in". At least, that's according to Hopkins. Each product is emblazoned with art designed by Hopkins himself, featuring silhouettes and shapes decked out in watercolour hues.


8. Joe Exotic scented candles are a thing.

Much like the man of the hour — and 2020 — the candle smells of banana bread, hand sanitiser, and whole lot of chaos. Developer, Flaming Crap, points out that this was done as a "reminder of some of this year's most prominent themes, and a completely unique gift this festive period." Uh.... sure?

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