Blooming beauty: The Body Shop has a new British Rose collection

Blooming beauty: The Body Shop has a new British Rose collection

Rose brittania

Text: Renée Batchelor

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, The Body Shop's latest body collection uses organic roses grown in Herefordshire

The next time you take a sniff out of a delicate rose, stop for a moment and consider its provenance. For The Body Shop's latest collection British Rose, the brand goes back to its roots by using organically-grown roses from farms in Herefordshire, England. The difference between regular and organic blooms? By focussing on maintaining the balance of nature, the plants provide a home for small mammals and insects, thereby eliminating the need for chemicals.

Says Emma Lambe, a farmer with The Body Shop, "Biodiversity is important because the more numerous and diverse the plant, bird and animal life is, the more hope for the long term survival of the planet. We have created an ecosystem that gives life to many species and most importantly bees which are key to pollination and therefore the long term survival of us all. The whole ecosystem has an inter-dependency and the farmed landscape plays a huge part in the health of our countryside."

Because The Body Shop does everything with quality and purpose, you can only expect the best roses to be used in the products. Specially grown for the brand in an award-winning farm in the heart of the English countryside, the roses are hand-picked, air-dried and infused on-site into fresh mountain water. Through this careful and meticulous extraction process, a high-quality rose essence is produced for all the products.  

And of course we'll be remiss if we don't mention the scents. Says Jennifer Hirsch, a beauty botanist with The Body Shop, "Roses has been revered for centuries for their fragrance and beauty and are inextricably intertwined with the British identity. The unique British Rose blend by The Body Shop is extracted from English roses selected for their complexity of fragrance, perfectly capturing the experience of sinking your nose into one of these fragrant flowers." 

Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub

Our picks from the range? First, the British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub. Using a gel texture with real rose petals, these melt on the body's surface for softer, fresher skin. And if you've always wanted soft, silky mitts, give the Petal-Soft Hand Cream a try. Leave the larger tube at your bedside and carry the mini 30ml version in your purse. Besides hydrating the skin on your hands, the intoxicating scent will calm and invigorate.

Petal-Soft Hand Cream, from $10.90

From $8.90-$36.90. At The Body Shop stores