Billie Eilish goes blonde, Kylie Jenner does her makeup drunk, and other beauty news

Billie Eilish goes blonde, Kylie Jenner does her makeup drunk, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. Billie Eilish surprises everyone by going blonde... and hiding it for weeks.

The musician; baggy clothes advocate; and recipient to numerous Grammy Awards sent shockwaves throughout the community when she debuted a blonde shag cut on Instagram. What's even more shocking: the fact that this was a masterpiece created from weeks back, and that Eilish has been hiding it under a wig and various hats beforehand. This was further confirmed by Eilish's hairstylist, Lissa Renn, who revealed that the mane makeover took six weeks to carry out. Now, that's some commitment to building suspense. Props to you, Billie — and to your new hair.


2. Kylie Jenner films a drunk "Get Ready with Me" video.

With Kendall Jenner in tow, we might add. The collaborative effort provided promo for Kylie Cosmetics and Kendall's new tequila brand, 818, where the sisters took numerous shots before putting a full face of makeup. To their credit, both girls performed admirably despite the copious amounts of alcohol they consumed and Kendall's insistence that she was bad at "drawing winged eyeliner." BRB, we're starting a petition to make this a regular series with guest stars as we write this.


3. Milani Cosmetics debuts a skincare range.

The Rose Collection comprises a Lotion Primer; Transforming Lip Balm; Hydrating Mist; Face Oil; Butter Lip Mask; Sugar Lip Scrub; and a two-in-one Foundation and Concealer. The romantic flower, naturally, is the star ingredient, where it is combined with various other potent ingredients to deliver on hydrated, renewed skin. Try 'em for yourself when it hits shelves beginning 1 April.

Billie Eilish goes blonde, Kylie Jenner does her makeup drunk, and other beauty news (фото 1)

4. NYX is teaming up with Tetris to drop a limited edition collection.

Talk about taking nineties nostalgia to the next level. The Gen-Z favourite label has brought the game's retro aesthetic to an assortment of lip and eye products, including an impressive 80-pan eyeshadow palette alongside lip pencils and glosses. Products are cleverly named after Tetris terminology such as Hard Drop, Ghost Piece, and Matrix. Apt, indeed. We suggest you snap them up when it launches online on 28 March.

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5. Nyssa Care releases a hands-free mirror so as to raise awareness about vulva health.

This bad boy allows you to look at your vulva with ease, where it is specially designed to be held between the thighs in a sitting or standing position. Each mirror even comes with an obstetrician-gynecologist approved checklist alongside an anatomical illustration of your privates, so users are able to use it to conduct regular check-ups or for self-grooming purposes. "At Nyssa, we believe that looking at your vulva builds knowledge and empowers sexual agency," the brand wrotes in a press release. "Looking helps us take control of our body image and dispel stigmas and shame about our anatomy. We created VieVision to help change the way we think about, talk about, and interact with our vulvas and vaginas. For good."


6. Colgate launches a new toothpaste line developed for millennials and Gen-Z folk.

Titled Co. by Colgate, it contains all the trappings of Gen-Z favoured labels. It comes in iridescent, shelfie-ready packaging; has donation initiatives in place where users can give back to the community with every purchase; and touts this grooming practice as a "simple yet transformative act" that doubles as a form of self-care. TikTok users are quivering in anticipation as we speak. Beyond toothpaste, there are also an array of mouth rinses, toothbrushes, and teeth whiteners to choose from.


7. Peachy Skin Bar opens a second outlet in the North.

At Seletar Mall, to be exact. Yup, it seems the bespoke skin bar is taking their fuss- and package-free sensibilities beyond its central location by erecting a second peach-themed haven. What's more: they'll be offering their first 100 customers an Omakase Facial and Laser Neck Lift as a promotional price. Hit them up on their social media channels to find out more.